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  • Robert Conrad is a good, honest and loyal man.

    I have been a fan of Robert Conrad's since his Wild Wild West days. I had the great honor of meeting and spending two days with Mr. Conrad back in September of 2002. He had graciously offered to come to Cecil County Maryland to do a fund raiser for a friend of mine who was running for the office of sheriff. The reason Mr. Conrad offered to do the fund raiser is an interesting story in itself. Mr Conrad and his wife were attending President George W. Bush's inauguration. The friend I mentioned, was with a group of other law enforcement officers that were acting as body guards for the celebrities attending the innaugeration and he was assigned Robert Conrad and his wife. Things got very tense during the celebration when protesters got out of control and threatened the Conrad's safety. Mr. Conrad was so impressed that he offered to come to Cecil County and do a fund raiser in appreciation for him protecting him and his wife. Mr Conrad kept his word and my wife and I with a few others spent two days with him escorting him around the county. He was very nice and talked with us and spent time with us like he had known us for years. I will never forget this experience. Robert Conrad is a good, honest and loyal man.