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    • Robert: I am thrilled to be making my directorial debut at a theatre as supportive and renowned as the Westchester Broadway Theatre. I share a history with this theatre, and have a special place for it in my heart. I worked on many musicals here during my early years as an actor, which gave me the best training an actor could ask for.

    • Robert: Proper singing actually takes less oxygen than you may think. It's all about efficiency and economy. If you sing it correctly, you can hold a note "until the cows come home.

    • Robert: One of the unfortunate things about Broadway is they go for name people to draw an audience. That's not the way Broadway used to be. And because of that, there are a lot of very talented, stage-savvy performers who don't get opportunities. I hope that will change.

    • Robert: (his advice to young singers) I would say study as much as you can, even when you begin to work in this business. Don't ever stop studying. You can never learn too much. Study everything. If singing is your fortee, invest in your acting abilities as well, as well as movement. Also make sure you don't get tunnel-visioned with just "the business." There's a world out there that you need to explore. That only helps your craft as well. And if this is in your heart and your soul and it's the only thing you feel you can do, then do it with all your heart and soul and don't let anyone deter you. And don't give up!