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    • Robert: (On working with his wife, Amy Robbins) I'm sure Amy would say she absolutely hates it but from a family point of view it's absolutely wonderful. The possibility of two actors working and living together like this is almost nil. So we count our blessings.

    • Robert: (On the first record he ever bought) It was December 1970 and T-Rex's Ride A White Swan, I shut myself in the sitting room, barricaded the door and played it over and over again. I dreamt of being a DJ. Noel Edmonds was my idol. I practiced doing all the DJing bits into a cassette recorder!

    • Robert: (On being mistaken for a real doctor) The lady behind the cheese counter at my local supermarket thinks I'm the real thing and continually asks me for advice about her ailments, primarily her battle with her varicose veins. Not what you want to talk about when you're ordering a quarter pound of Stilton!

    • Robert: Fatherhood is great. I'd recommend it to anyone, although you do spend the first few months being soppy and proud and boring all your friends... actually I probably won't ever stop doing that.