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  • Robert Downey Jr. Look a like

    I wonder if Robert has a look like that works with him as a I think I can have a chance to do that, where can apply for
  • Great actor

    He gets nice in acting when it comes to action, satirical comedy. His potential is not being showed. This guy has a lot of tricks in his arsenal.
  • empty

    What has Robert Downey Jr. actually done in his career that has made him a good actor? Ally McBeal? Please. The man obviously has some talent, but not much. I am looking at his filmography and I have not seen many of his movies.
  • Could have been one of the best!

    He has such an awesome talent that is being watsed. He lit up the small screen while on Ally McBeal. On eof his best works in my opinion. Basically brought the show back on its feet, and then after being fired for substance abuse, the show plumited. Too bad he can't get his life together! He would have been great!
  • Extremely talented actor. If he could get his personal life together for good, he'd be one of the greats.

    Let me start by saying how much I enjoyed Robert Downey Jr.'s performance as Larry Paul in Ally McBeal. I was so disappointed when he was arrested during his stint and had to be written off.

    I'd actually gone to an autograph signing at Virgin Megastore in West Hollywood the morning after he was arrested (before it was all over the news), but they cancelled it, obviously. It'd been really cool to meet him.

    It just saddens me that his talent goes to waste. I really hope he keeps it together. He's definitely one of my favorite actors, so I'm rooting for him to succeed.