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  • Trivia

    • On October 14, 2012 Robert was the recipient of the GLEH Pioneer award. The award was presented to Robert at the 11th annual GLEH Garden Party.

    • Robert is the video reference and voice of the character,Captain Robert Norton in thevideo game, Dead Space 3.

    • Robert, along with producing partners Chad Allen, Christopher Racster, and new partner, Craig Dougherty, had their first movie "Save Me," premiere at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival.

    • Some of the commercial Robert has appeared in include, Hanes underwear, Coors Light beer, a Saturn car commercial where he kissed German supermodel Claudia Schiffer, and Cheerios.

    • The Good Humor Ice Cream company went though 500 applicants before choosing Robert for their commercial.

    • Robert has appeared on the cover of The Advocate magazine, three times. He also appeared on the cover of OUT magazine, twice.

    • Disney's animated hero, Hercules was modeled after Robert.

    • Robert joined the Screen Actors Guild at the age of ten.

    • Robert came to Los Angeles when he accepted a position with the world's largest law firm. In a twist of fate, four months after his relocation, the Los Angeles office was closed. He has been living his life long passion working as an actor since then.

    • Robert, following high school, headed to the University of Pennsylvania and then on to Georgetown Law School.

    • Robert, at the age of eleven, performed a soft-shoe routine with Bob Hope as part of Hope's USO tour.

    • Robert began acting in television commercials at the age of ten in his home state of Florida.

    • Robert was the recipient of the Nationality Equality Award presented to him by the Human Rights Campaign, on March 18th, 2006.

    • Robert, along with producing partners Chad Allen, and Christopher Racster, have started a film and television production company called, mythgarden.

    • Robert was featured in the June 17th, 2005 issue of People magazine, as one of 50 Hottest Bachelors. He was listed as One of the 12 sexy Men Of The Moment.

  • Quotes

    • Robert:"As a little boy I had excitement and enthusiasm about God. It's heartbreaking to see the extent to which, for many gay and lesbian folks, it gets subjugated. We're all equal participants in God's world and [have] the right to have a spiritual life."

    • Robert: I actually loved going to law school. It really worked with my mind, because I tend to be a little hyperanalytical. Maybe a lot hyperanalytical.

    • Robert: I'm always that romantic lead guy. And I didn't feel like I had examples out there of people who had made the choice to be openly gay who were in my category - who were leading men in the way that Ben Affleck is a leading man.

    • Robert: "People who are HIV positive certainly don't have much of a voice and so, in playing Ben, I love getting to be the mouthpiece for a lot of people who are otherwise voiceless."

    • Robert: "Gandhi said, 'Be the change you wish to see in the world," and so I guess I'm being the change that I wish to see."

    • Robert: Freedom is my big buzzword in life. It's just my favorite word. And I think so many of my choices have been about gaining freedom.

    • Robert: A friend of mine says, "In God's world there are no mistakes, only lessons." So I'm coming out exactly when I'm supposed to.

    • Robert: I think as a kid I wasn't even aware of the extent to which my freedom was being infringed upon. We're conditioned not even to know that we're not free. When you think about what we all believe America to be, it just seems ludicrous that so much of America's populace lives in this sort of prison. I think coming out for me is really about tearing down the prison wall.

    • Robert: For me, the litmus test to know whether or not I'm doing the right thing is to examine whether my decisions are love-based or fear-based. I think outing people is fear based, the fear that if we don't out them, it will make things harder for all of us. It's important to treat people with love. How would you treat your own kid? Would you whip him out of the closet, or would you sit down with him, talk, hug and help him come out on his own?