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Robert Gavin

Robert Gavin

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    • A company called Tiger secured the rights to produce merchandise from ABC's Land of the Lost including various action figures and games. Robert Gavin was asked if he bought any of it and he replied that he bought a figure of himself and the board game. However, he stated that he didn't buy any more because he was "too cheap" at the time.

    • Robert Gavin almost didn't get the part to play Kevin Porter in ABC's Land of the Lost. Out of the 1000 people who auditioned for this role, it almost went to an actor named Bobby Jacoby. You might remember him from the movie Tremors and guest appearences on tv shows such as The Wonders Years and T.J. Hooker. Robert Gavin ultimately won the role citing his "good looks". Bobby Jacoby didn't lose out though, he later guest starred on an episode of Land of the Lost as a knight.

    • Robert Gavin was 19 years old when he got the role to play 16 year old Kevin Porter of ABC's Land of the Lost.

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