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    • Robert Glenister provided the voices for Bringing the House Down by David Profumo, for Radio 4 in the summer of 2006.

    • Robert provided the narration for the audiobook of the phenomenally successful "Shadowmancer", written by G.P. Taylor.

    • Robert made his TV debut in 1980 in the television series "Sink or Swim" starring as "Steve Webber."

    • Robert isn't the only one in his family with the "acting gene". His brother, Philip Glenister, is also an actor who starred as "James 'Mack' Mackintosh" in the BBC1 series "Clocking Off".

    • Robert's decision to go into acting may have its roots with his Father, John Glenister. John is a prolific television Director who began directing in 1965 and his career spans over thirty years.

    • Robert was married to Amanda Redman, who starred recently in the BBC1 series "New Tricks." They divorced in 1991 and have one child, a daughter, named Emily born in 1998.

    • Robert had a second child, Tom, with his second wife Celia, who is a radio producer. When asked if Tom would follow his father's footsteps into action, Robert said "Tom quite likes the odd acting thing. He's done a few things on the radio and he's actually rather good at it. He knows what daddy does but the stuff I've done on the telly hasn't really been suitable for him to watch."

    • Robert's first child, daughter Emily, appears to following her father's footsteps by getting into acting. She appeared briefly with her mother Amanda Redman (Glenister's ex-wife) in "At Home With The Braithwaites". Robert was a bit shocked by his daughter's performance. When asked about it, he said, "It was the fact that she was smoking, because she was only 13 when she did it!"

    • Robert recently starred as "Frank Thompson" in the made for TV movie "Class of '76" in 2005, appearing on screen with Robert Carlyle of Trainspotting and The Full Monty fame.

    • Robert lended his notable voice talents as the narrator in the documentary "Who Killed Thomas Becket" in 2004. The documentary dealt with the murder of the medieval Bishop and attempted to explain the reasons behind his killing.

    • In 2002, Robert starred in two made for TV movies. In "Sirens" he starred as "DI Clive Wilson" and in "Murder" he played"Robert Weldon."

    • Robert starred in the 2000 made for TV movies, "My Fragile Heart" as the character "Stephen 'Squeal' Blake".

    • Robert is first role as a star of a television series was when he played "Dr Geoff" in the BBC-1 series Roger Roger".

    • Robert starred as "Aristophanes" in the made for TV movie "Aristophanes: The Gods Are Laughing" in 1995. Also that same year, Robert appeared in "Prime Suspect 4: The Lost Child", another made for TV movie as "Chris Hughes".

    • Robert starred as "Brian Jessel" in the 1994 made for TV movie "A Landing On The Sun". He had the lead role in that film.

    • Robert provided the voice for the English version of the animated video Dangaioh. Robert was the voice of "Gilburgh".

    • Robert starred in the made for TV movie "Blood Rights" in 1990. He played the role of "Pete".

    • Robert starred as "Keith" in the 1989 made for TV movie "Ending Up". He appeared opposite one of England's most popular and beloved actors, Sir John Mills.

    • On the show BBC television show Hustle, Glenister plays con artist Ashley Morgan. However, in an interview, he talked about how he doesn't think he could ever do a con in real life

      "I'm not sure that I'd have the bottle you see. I think it's one thing to do it, you know pretend, but I think to do it for real... I remember when I was a kid, and along with others my age, we used to try and not pay our fares on the Tube. And I lived in the sort of suburbs where there was a Tube like going to Baker Street. And we used to walk through the barriers and occassionaly you'd get an inspector to come in check you. This inspector came on one day, and I was only like 14 or 15, and I thought I'd pretend to be French and not understand. So he said 'Tickets please' and I said 'Pardon?'. I must have chosen the only ticket inspector for an underground that spoke fluent French. (laughs) So I got my knuckles rapped for that one, so maybe that taught me a valuable lesson because I've never done it again."

    • On the BBC show Dead Ringers, a parody of Robert Glenister as Ash was done. In the scene, we see someone playing Ash and a voice over describing how much of a computer genius he is. When his laptop screen is revealed, we see that he's actually playing solitare.

    • Although he plays the very tech savvy character Ash on BBC's Hustle, in reality Robert admits that he's just the opposite. In fact, he took a remedial course on computers during the first season.

    • For his role as Ash for the hit BBC show Hustle, Robert was cast the same day the read for the part. This is a very rare thing to have happen for an actor.

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