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    • On the show BBC television show Hustle, Glenister plays con artist Ashley Morgan. However, in an interview, he talked about how he doesn't think he could ever do a con in real life

      "I'm not sure that I'd have the bottle you see. I think it's one thing to do it, you know pretend, but I think to do it for real... I remember when I was a kid, and along with others my age, we used to try and not pay our fares on the Tube. And I lived in the sort of suburbs where there was a Tube like going to Baker Street. And we used to walk through the barriers and occassionaly you'd get an inspector to come in check you. This inspector came on one day, and I was only like 14 or 15, and I thought I'd pretend to be French and not understand. So he said 'Tickets please' and I said 'Pardon?'. I must have chosen the only ticket inspector for an underground that spoke fluent French. (laughs) So I got my knuckles rapped for that one, so maybe that taught me a valuable lesson because I've never done it again."