Robert Goulet

Robert Goulet


11/26/1933, Lawrence, Massachusetts, USA



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Robert Goulet's vocal talents illuminated every medium of the entertainment world. A Grammy, Tony and an Emmy winner, he was a legendary artist of striking power. His illustrious career spun for over half a century and he was considered one of the greatest baritones of our times. Equally…more


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    • Robert Goulet: It would be difficult to decide in my roller coaster existence, just when I had my 'Best Day'. Perhaps it was when I married my present wife, Vera. Or the day when my three children were born. Certainly the day I came away cancer-free from a prostate operation stands near the top. For now, everyday seems as if it should be the best day of them all. I like to think of them as such.

  • Robert Goulet as always given to all he meets..His voice is the most beautiful gift of all.. AND, He is extremely funny!

    Robert Goulet rates as one of our all time greats in the music world--and a great human being!! Right now, he needs a lung transplant very badly-he is suffering from pulmonary fibrosis, and has been intubated for the last 23 days. He needs your prayers and support..

    please e-mail Cedars Sinai Hospital in LA at My friends, please help--the more e-mails to CS, the better..They have promised him a lung--and are now changing their minds, probably just because he famous.

    Robert Goulet has so many more songs to sing, so many more hearts to make happy.and so many more good works to fulfill.

    Thank you very much,

    Joy Oakesmoreless