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    • Robert enjoys cycling.

    • In the first season of his show My House My Castle Robert was very careful to be straight forward and businesslike. But in the second season he took a more tongue in cheek approach to the subject of dream homes that become a worst nightmare, and the ratings were consistently in the top ten as a result.

    • Robert got to use his skills as a lawyer for his show My House My Castle. While others discuss renovations and locations, Robert digs into the zoning laws, consumer's rights and disputes that go along with owning a piece of real property.

    • Robert has done commercials for Roselli Neylon Cycles (Radio), Spell Shell (Radio), and Otago Med. School.

    • Robert got to mix his two main professions, law and being a TV personality on the New Zealand reality show You Be the Judge. He served as the on-screen lawyer of a woman who had a paternity test done for her son on national TV. This event also caused an uproar with the country's Children, Young Persons and Their Families Agency for allegedly traumatising the boy by subjecting him to public scrutiny in this fashion. But Robert pointed out that this brought the boy closure, which was ultimately beneficial to him.

    • Robert lives in a renovated schoolhouse dating from 1905.

    • Nevilles Island "Roy" Fortune Theatre
      Legless "Constables Walters" Fortune Theatre
      Flowers at Breakfast "Chris" Fortune Theatre
      Ladies Night II "Norman" Fortune Theatre
      I Hate Hamlet "Andrew Rally" Fortune Theatre
      The Stage of Fools "Lear" Kempe sJigShakespeare, Dir T.I.E. Tony Taylor
      Bard News "Macbeth,Shylock, Friar Laurence" Kempe sJigShakespeare
      Twelfth Night "Malvolio, Sir Toby Belch, Orsino" Kempe sJigShakespeare
      Othello "Othello" Kempe sJigShakespeare
      Romeo and Juliet "Romeo" C.O.R.P. Marlborough

    • Robert has performed as host/MC & Compere for various live events including Theatre Sports and the Wine and Food Festival in Auckland.

    • Robert is 6'2", with dark brown hair and hazel eyes.

    • Robert can play the piano, accordion, and guitar. He has also trained in Irish dancing.

    • One of Robert's skills is the ability to breathe fire. He also enjoys bungee jumping and parachuting. He also fences, and has trained in stage fighting. He can also juggle.

    • Robert has a degree in Law, and has worked as a lawyer. His field is consumer rights and disputes.

    • Robert is represented professionally by the firm Kathryn Rawlings Actors.

  • Quotes

    • Robert: (on his show "My House My Castle") Some have told me how advice in the series has helped them. A policeman said a house he'd looked at turned out to have eight of the problems on a checklist we'd broadcast. It started with no under-floor insulation and grew. He said he'd run away from the house as fast as possible. It's tremendous that My House is both fun and really helping.

    • Robert: (on his show "My House My Castle") Kiwis love their houses, New Zealand has one of the highest rates of home ownership, and we tend to spend a lot of time looking after them. My House delivers information in a relaxed format that's entertaining. We tell it like it is, but have added a few quirks... in fact, in a way, I'm the straight man.