Robert Howard





1/29/1963 , Mobile, Alabama, USA

Birth Name

Robert William Howard




Robert Howard (Hardcore Holly/Bob Holly) debut on WWF as Bob Holly in 1994. After the brake up of the Rock 'N' Roll Express, Holly began to team up with Robert Gibson, but it didn't last a long time. At the Royal Rumble in 1995, Holly won his first WWE Title, it was the World Tag Team Championship. His teammate was 1-2-3 Kid. In 1997, Holly decided to take some time away from the ring and when he came back he was with his new manager, Jim Cornette, and his new tag team partner, Bart Gunn. Holly and Gunn then became the New Midnight Express. When the NWA/WWF finished, Holly joined Al Snow's JOB Squad along with the Blue Meanie, and Gillberg, but later on Al Snow and Hardcore had a fall out. At Wrestle Mania XV, Holly won the Hardcore Title, his second title in his entire WWF/WWE career. Later on in Holly's career, Holly teamed up with Crash Holly and they made a great Tag Team. On June 27th, 2000, Holly suffered a broken arm, but returned to the ring on Nov. 13th, 2000. Hardcore later teamed up with Kurt Angle, but the friendship finished in early 2001 because of Chris Beniot. On Sept. 20th, 2001, Holly got a steel plate surgically removed from his left arm. In Sept. 2002, Holly suffered a ruptured disc in his neck that required surgery.