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    • Robert: (asked if he would play a zombie) It's hard to say whether I would ever play a zombie. I'd have to see the script first. Even the role of Big Daddy, the lead zombie in Land Of The Dead, has a relatively small emotional range, and the actor had to spend untold hours in the make-up chair, and those contact lenses hurt his eyes. So, that's the down side. But hey, I had to spend a lot of time in the SFX make-up chair too; and if the pay is right, and the zombie memorable, I'd probably do it.

    • Robert: (about any scenes he had with Dennis Hopper in the movie Land of the Dead) I don't have any. Zero scenes with him. I had a scene with him in Waterworld where I picked up his eyeball and handed it to him. I reminded him of that. The funny thing was that the first time I saw him on this movie was yesterday and of course my eye was gone. I said, "I picked up your eyeball, can you do the same for me?"

    • Robert: (about his recurring roles on two Jerry Bruckheimer shows CSI: NY and E-Ring) The original plan had been for the character (Agent Boskovich in E-Ring) to recur in a multiple-episode "arc". I was looking forward to that. In the meantime I landed a part on CSI: NY as the coroner (Sid Hammerback), and the CSI: NY people wanted me to recur in that series too. I, of course wanted to do both. Bruckheimer's people, however, didn't want an actor in two of their series on the same night on two different networks, so they hired me on CSI: NY and released me from E-Ring.