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  • There is not any biography on Robert's page here so i'll put it here in the review if you want u can put it on his page, because i can't.

    Though his role as scurrilous inmate Theodore “T-Bag” Bagwell on “Prison Break” (Fox, 2005-) earned him the status of the latest villain TV audiences love to hate, actor Robert Knepper had already played a wide variety of roles in films and on television throughout his 25-year career.

    Born in Fremont, OH and raised in Maumee, Knepper’s interest in performing was spurred by his mother Pat, who worked in the prop department of the local community theater. He auditioned for numerous productions throughout high school before attending Northwestern University as a drama major in 1977. Knepper left the school in 1981, prior to graduation and traveled to New York to immerse himself further in acting. He returned to Chicago in the early ‘80s, making a name for himself in the city’s theater scene. Knepper’s on-camera debut came in 1986 on an episode of “The Paper Chase” (Showtime, 1983-86), where he was billed as Rob Knepper (he would use this abbreviated moniker throughout the ’80s and ‘90s).

    Among his more notable early roles were in the pilot episode of “L.A. Law” (NBC, 1986-94) as Georgia Buckner, a secretarial candidate who reveals that he/she is a transsexual (he would repeat the role several additional times throughout the show’s network run), and as the title character in 1987’s “Wild Thing,” an urban fantasy about a feral, Tarzan-esque crime fighter. Other intriguing turns came in Allison Anders’ “Gas Food Lodging” (1992) as the traveling mineralogist who becomes intimate with Ione Skye; as a rock singer in the drama “Where The Day Takes You” (1992); and episodic turns on “Star Trek: The Next Generation” (Paramount, 1987-1994), “China Beach” (ABC, 1988-1991), and “Law and Order” (NBC, 1990- ).

    Knepper began to attract more notice as the ‘90s drew to a close, appearing as the hero of a self-absorbed book being adapted into a movie by Griffin Dunne in the broad film industry comedy “Search and Destroy” (1995) and in a small role in Woody Allen’s imaginative “Everybody Says I Love You” (1996). These gigs preceded meatier roles in the indie feature “Under Heat” (1996) and the TV movie “Kidnapped in Paradise” (1999) as a heroin addicted father and a lustful smuggler, respectively. Knepper’s television roles also gained some heft during this period as well. He also played a muckraking movie producer in a 2001 episode of “The West Wing” (NBC, 1999-2006) and disturbed many “La Femme Nikita” (USA, 1997-2001) fans as a disturbed villain, one of many roles that put his saturnine features to good use. Knepper also made an impression as an eccentric spy boss on the short-lived action series “Thieves” (ABC, 2001), as Robert Kennedy (one of his favorite roles to date) in the mini-series “Jackie, Ethel, Joan: The Women of Camelot” (2001), and as the last of nine miners to be rescued from a flooded cavern in the 2002 TV-movie “The Pennsylvania Miners’ Story.”

    A recurring role as Dana Delaney’s husband on the short-lived CBS hospital drama “Presidio Med” (2002) preceded several impressive projects for Knepper: the ambitious HBO fantasy/drama “Carnivale” (2003-05), for which he played reporter Tommy Dolan, who doggedly pursued the story of the seemingly possessed Brother Justin; the suspense thriller “Hostage” (2005), in which he played a hostage negotiator; and George Clooney’s “Good Night, and Good Luck” (2005), which gave him a small but noticeable role as an investigator for Senator Joseph McCarthy.

    Knepper was looking for his next role when the audition for “Prison Break” came his way. As the swaggering, scheming sexual predator Bagwell, Knepper added a disturbingly unforgettable character to his varied and consistently solid body of work.
  • Rob's "T-bag" is the best villain I've seen in a very long time!!!

    I think Rob's "T-bag" is one of the best villains both in TV/Movies ever. Looking at his film credits, I'm surprised that the 1987 film "Wild Thing" wasn't posted. He played the starring role in that. If it wasn't for Heath Ledger starring as the Joker in the upcoming film Batman: The Dark Knight, I would have casted Rob for the role instead. I hope to see Rob in more films in the near future.
  • Great Actor very talented at being bad.

    Tbag had killed and raped to get into Fox River and he ends up getting out eventually, he finds out what Scofield is up to and wants in and if they don't let him he will expose them and there whole plan will go up in flames. Well they eventually escape, but they leave T-Bag behind, he eventually gets the money and Scofield and Burrows end up going after T-Bag in the end. I like his chracter he plays him so well, so that's why I give Knepper a 10 out of 10.
  • My classification for him is justified!!

    Excellent..fabulous...What an awesome actor!! I din`t know him before prison break! He plays t! He is one of my favorite actor!! He`s awesome...really talented!!One of the best actor I have seen..and I have seen some!!!I hope he is once again great in the sure to be awesome season 3 on prison break!!!
  • Robert Knepper bring an athenticity to the character of T-Bag that could make you believe in monsters.

    Robert Knepper's portrayal of Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell is riveting and convincing from the first word out of his mouth. Robert's character can go from a charming, sweet, seemingly harmless man, helping a child with homework, to a slimy, gut wrenching, snake in the grass quality that is rarely, if ever, seen in a television show. The power of his preformance is mind boggling. The background story gives reasons for his heartless, evil, murderous life, and somehow makes him a somewhat sympathetic character. From the accent to the flick of his tongue he personifies this character. His hand gestures, swagger, and bravado lend an air of realism to the character that is truly frightening. A wonderfully clever role immortalized by this great actor. No one could have done it better.
  • Best Of The Best... ~TBag No. 1 Fan in Kuwait. -"How about you take us somewere colder, say, Africa." ~ Theodor "T-Bag" Bagwell.

    Theodore bagwell is the best in my opinion because he is nasty and the is also the dirtiest of all the cast if Prison Break.
    Theodore bagwell is the best in my opinion because he is nasty and the is also the dirtiest of all the cast if Prison Break.
    Theodore bagwell is the best in my opinion because he is nasty and the is also the dirtiest of all the cast if Prison Break.
    Theodore bagwell is the best in my opinion because he is nasty and the is also the dirtiest of all the cast if Prison Break.
  • what T-Bag is about

    Prior to incarceration, Bagwell eluded the authorities and pursued a relationship with a single mother named Susan Hollander, who had two children of her own from a previous marriage. Upon learning that he was a wanted murderer and rapist (by watching America's Most Wanted), she notified the police. Bagwell was sentenced to life in prison for six counts each of kidnapping, rape and murder at Donaldson Prison in Alabama. T-Bag felt real love for Susan and had tried to change, but her betrayal prompted "that old dirty bastard [to come] right back home."

    Upon the arrival of Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) at Fox River, T-Bag wanted to ensnare him as his personal playmate, but was unsucessful. During a race riot his "special friend" was amongst those who were fatally wounded. Believing Scofield had done it, T-Bag sought revenge but was stopped by John Abruzzi.

    During a second riot, T-Bag learned of the escape attempt and threatened to tell the other inmates if Michael and the others did not include him; the others have no choice but to agree. When the group discovered that they had one too many for a successful escape, John Abruzzi gives T-Bag an ultimatum: back out of the escape or die. In retaliation, T-Bag slashes Abruzzi's throat, but fails to kill him. T-Bag makes a second attempt on Abruzzi but is stopped by C-Note, who reminds him that Abruzzi is providing their transportation.

    T-Bag escaped from Fox River with Scofield and six other inmates and, to ensure his safety, handcuffs himself to Michael. Abruzzi, finally getting his revenge, chops of T-Bag's cuffed hand with an axe, seriously wounding him and leaving him for dead. T-Bag is left behind, later managing to catch up with the other escapees.
  • Fantastical actor, makes you love the bad guy!

    Robert Knepper has got to be one of the best actors on television right now. He is so talented, and he makes you love all the characters he plays, even if they happen to be crazy child molesters like T-Bag. On Prison Break, Robert delievers his lines so perfect, it is actually rather scary. I also love the accent he puts on as T-Bag... it is actually sexy! He may not be the best looking man on televison, (that honor belongs to Wentworth Miller,) but there is a certain aura and charm around him that makes him sexy. If T-Bag was played by any one other than him, I doubt that I would consider him one of my favorite villians on t.v. But Robert helps you look past the fact that T-Bag is a twisted child rapist, and makes him actually charming, even when he is doing wretched things. That's just how good a actor he actually is.
  • empty

    Even though Robert's character on Prison Break is really creepy, he is still brilliant and I think that Robert is another one of those extremely talented actors who can pull of anything. If you watch the show you will see what I am talking about, he is just perfect for his creepy character!
  • Great acting, stands out for his incredible versatility as an actor.

    Robert Knepper is a great actor, playing Theodore ("T-Bag") Bagwell which is one of the five leading characters. T-Bag is a convict on the run, who is a gay violent problem solver, driven by returning to the woman he loves that betrayed him and put him behind bars. Despite of his physique ( 5'10", 178 cm; 154 lbs, 70 kg) his performance as a violent prisoner, who is prone to killing people with a screwdriver, is marvelous. Not only his physique but his mind is sharp too. He managed to deceive all the other escapees and take the stash. This role suits him, but he is also capable of more, if there is such a thing. Check him out.
  • Plays Theodore \"T-Bag\" Bagwell on Prison Break. Could he be the coolest guy that you should hate?

    Every time I watch Prison Break, I'm constantly in awe of how good Knepper is. He portrays the guy you're supposed to hate so well that it almost makes me want to like him. Though I haven\'t seen him in anything else (as far as I know), his one role on this show alone is enough to make me realize his talents. It's strange - at the same time I half want him to get killed on the show since he's such a detestable character, but I also don't want it at the same time so that I can continue to admire his skills!
  • A great character actor. Would love to see more of him in the future.

    Wake up Hollywood and start casting Robert Kneppler in some key meaty roles. I saw his bit part in Good Night and Good Luck. It was great to see him in a different light. Great things have yet to come from this actor. My kids love his lines on Prison Break, especially \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Is ya ready, are you ready, Tweener....\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"
  • Hey Pretty !

    Okay, this actor is the creepiest guy I have ever seen. I mean, just by earing or seeing him you can tell he plays the role of a pedophile. I also love the way he talks, he walks and how he just acts ! But on season 2, he kind of dissapointed me. Eventhough he colored his hair in a very cool way, the fact that he kild that man (the vet), kind of hurted me. My favourite quote from him is : "I can look at the menu, doesn't mean I'm going to eat." (Episode 206, Minute 16:50). And just by that, that makes him, with Sucre, my favourtie character in Prison Break !
  • Great Actor!

    This man is really a wonderful actor and I really wonder why he isn't known at all?!He played in a couple of moovies and a lot of appearances as a guest star in series episods.But how in heck is it possible that a guy like him ain't got his own show???That's unbeliveable!And if you want to understand what I'm saying just see his performance on "Prison Break".He's the hot pepper of the show whith his already known mad, pervese and dangerous character.It's true that he's not as handsome a Purcell but he's just ten times best actor than Purcell will ever get.
  • Robert Knepper Rules!!!! And his Part as T-bag Rules, Bad Guys kik ass!!!!

    Robert Knepper is a really talented Actor, His first apperence that ive seen was as T-bag and i was really impressed. It takes a really really good actor to pull off wat he has to do for his role as T-bag. Imagine having to play a Murderer/Rapist/kidnapper and He does it so perfect. Bad Guys are awesome. watching T-bag is my faverite part of Prison Break. His accent, the way he talks and how he does his tounge thing is just amazing. Im thinkin most actors wouldnt play a role as T-bag but Knepper does and he does it perfect. He gives the show its creepyer darker side and by god the writers better keep him on the show. Can't Wait till October 23rd, Prison Break comes back and Robert Knepper is back to continue his amazing role and to impress the world as T-bag!!
  • Robert Knepper, known as T-Bag in Prison Break, should have been and deserves to be a much bigger star than he already is!

    Robert Knepper is the most perfect person to play T-Bag in prison braek. No one could interpret and act out that character remotely close to be as well as he does. I admire him! The character is creepy and extremely dangerous, I know, but wow, he\'s able to really, really creep the hell out of the viewers. Good job! He does look very creepy, though, even in real life. It\'s just something about his eyes and voice. I haven\'t seen him in any other show, but I would say his performance in Prison Break is really good enough to get him an Emmy award. I really hope to see him on the list of The Best Supporting Actor next year. If I could vote, I\'d totally vote for him!
  • bad guys rule!

    I've see all the episodes of prison break and i love it.
    for some reason i allways have a special attention for the bad guys of any story and prison break is no exception!
    Even if (i think everyone agrres)the character t-bag is absolutly fantastic!he should have more screen time that he does acutally,because it makes him fade away and even if he\'s got powers he\'s not as powerfull as he could be.
    he brings out the other side of the usual bad guy.
    like other people(and himself) says he trys to play the charming and the funny more than the crrepy,which makes him for some viewers a favourite.
    this is only because mr.robert knepper puts so much effort on 't-bag'.
    i've seen a some other apearences of mr.knepper and in my oppinion this is robert at(one of)his best!
  • I agree with "nuero". I love T-bag! He should get more sreen time.

    I agree with "nuero". I love T-bag! He should get more sreen time. If this person existed in real life it would be a different story, but Knepper brings so many layers- and humor- to the character that I get a kick out of him every time he is on screen... I hope they don't kill him off.
  • There should be more T-bag

    I just want to say I think Mr Knepper makes the show for me. I know the role he is playing is dispicable but this guy commands the screen. He has presence. I love the country accent he uses and his one-liners are the best. Once again I know the character is disgusting but watch carefully how Mr Knepper handles this role flawlessly.