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    • Robert: Whenever you start a new series you don't know if it will go beyond the first year, so my wife and I opted to keep him there. But he had a lousy year at preschool, and we talked to a therapist who said to figure out a daily routine, something I could do for him. So every day, whether I'm slitting some guy's throat or having someone hold my pocket, I draw him a cartoon, and he takes it to bed with him. On those days that I'm feeling 'Oh, my God, what did I just do today?' I get him on the phone and he says, 'Papa, I love you,' and I just forget about what I did.

    • Robert: I don't choose a part because it's a bad or good guy. Sometimes I turn down bad guy parts out of boredom from doing the same type of role, sometimes because I'll have a momentary fear of being typecast...then a juicy part like T-Bag in Prison Break comes along and I have to jump at it. I always try with him to be charming and primal, at the same time...these kind of characters tend to make choices in their lives that are more interesting to play and watch, than those of the typical good guys.

    • Robert: My favorite role is the one I haven't played yet. That'll keep me acting till the day I die. Most times I think roles pick me instead of the other way around.

    • Robert: Chicago is one of my favorite cities. I started out here years ago after finishing at Northwestern University. There is so much to do here, the people are great, I absolutely love everything about it except for the biting cold weather.

    • Robert: Every series I work on is my favorite. Right now, it's Prison Break. I feel beyond blessed.

    • Robert: (about his character T-Bag on Prison Break) I tried to play him smart, cunning and a true survivor; just the same way he had to survive when he was a little kid. That's someone you have to deal with and is not going to very easily go away. I've had several technical advisors on our show, who are actual prison guards, say, Oh yeah, I totally know the T-Bag in our prison. There is a T-Bag in every prison. Be ware of the T-Bag because these guys are very cunning. They will lure you in, be so sweet to you, they can get anything out of you and then before you know it, you're turning around going, Where's my wallet? I, honestly, just let that guy walk down that hall in the restricted area! He's that charming.

    • Robert: (about his character T-Bag on the show Prison Break) Once I got to Joliet Prison, the whole character came together. I felt like, I want to put on a plain white t-shirt, I want to become animalistic (I think he's a very primal, animalistic being. How my hair is, how I slither my tongue and how I play with a word all became sort of this animal that was a rooster, mixed with a lizard and mixed with a panther. That's all I really had to go on. That's basic 101 acting. A lot of us do it when we were in school. The rest sort of took care of itself!

    • Robert: (about his character T-Bag on the show Prison Break) People who watch the show have been very attune to understanding the life of T-Bag. That is, he's not a one-dimensional character. He's not just the bad guy. Let's not kid ourselves, though, he is a bad guy. He can be pure evil, but he's not crazy. He's had a lot of problems in his childhood, not the least of which is what Bellick brought up to everyone's attention in the episode when we rioted against the guards. He said in front of everybody, 'Your Daddy did his mongoloid sister and out came Teddy nine months later'. Not only is that horrific to bring up in front of other people, but it's horrific to live with your whole life knowing that your dad is such a screw up.

    • Robert: A lot of dads are screw-ups by maybe leaving home or abusive at home, but the wonderful thing about drama is that you can create these things.

    • Robert: (about his character T-Bag on Prison Break) I have said this in the press that I feel for T-Bag. I've gotten so many letters from fans that said, 'When I first started watching the show, I hated you. Now, I still hate you, but I feel for you some how'. That's exactly where the writers went with it and I went with it.

    • Robert: I'd like to be a doctor. My dad is a vet, but I don't want to do that because I think I'd be better at working as a physician.

    • Robert: (about his character T-Bag on the show Prison Break) T-Bag is not the sweetest guy to play and is the one of the most intense characters on television. I am relaxing and then I go back to work playing T-Bag, which is hard work. It takes up a lot of time, but I'll have time for other stuff while I'm working.

    • Robert: Right now, I didn't want to do something I didn't want to do. I turned down some things because I am having fun with my wife and my family.

    • Robert: I am helping to form the life of my beautiful, almost four year old boy, which is the biggest project of my life right now. I am on hiatus and totally enjoying it after spending almost a year away of super intense work.

    • Robert: (about his character T-Bag on Prison Break) There is nothing like driving home and thinking about calling your little boy because it helps you knock out those feelings of T-Bag and it's very therapeutic.