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  • Trivia

    • In August 2013, Robert appeared as his Red Dwarf character Kryten in a series of videos on YouTube promoting YouTube's 'Geek Week'.

    • "The Reconstructed Heart" was a comedy lecture authored by Robert in 1991. It charts the response by men to feminism from 1970 until 1990. It was initially presented in Alice Springs, Australia and later in Melbourne, London, Brighton and Edinburgh. It was widely acclaimed.

    • Robert became an apprentice shoemaker at the age of 18 with a company called James Taylor and Son who were bespoke shoemakers based in Marylebone, London.

    • Robert wrote the screenplay adaptation for Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol, which was released in December 2001.

    • Robert has 2 children with his wife Judy Pascoe.

    • Robert is 6' (1.83 m) tall.

    • In 1972 when he was 16, Robert was expelled from school and became a full time hippy for 2 years.

    • When he was 13, Robert's family left Northampton and moved to Oxfordshire.

    • Robert has an older brother called Peter and a younger sister called Elizabeth.

    • Robert is the son of Reg and Brenda Llewellyn, both now deceased.

    • His book "Sold Out: How I Survived a Year of Not Shopping", based on his YouTube series "Making Do", was published in October 2008.

    • Since 2006 Robert has had a YouTube video blog called "Llewtube".

    • On February 10, 2009 Robert was featured as a guest on the popular technology related podcast MacBreak Weekly with Leo Laporte.

    • Robert is the author of 9 books, including "Sold Out!" and "Therapy And How To Avoid It" with Nigel Planer as well as 4 novels.

    • In 1997, Robert provided the voice of Feeble for "The Feeble Files" computer game.

    • Robert was the only British cast member originally to participate in the American version of Red Dwarf, though other actors such as Craig Charles and Chris Barrie were also approached to reprise their roles.

    • Robert's big break came when he was in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, performing in his new comedy, Mammon, Robot Born Of Woman about a robot who, as he became more human, began to behave increasingly badly.

    • His wife's name is Judy Pascoe. She played Kryten's love interest in an episode of Red Dwarf.

  • Quotes

    • Robert: I have pounded an old Apple keyboard to a form of plastic aggregate when the stupid thing wouldn't stop printing j's. jjjjjjj for page after page.

    • Robert: Canals are very peaceful ways of moving things, and even with ten lane super canals, I think less environmentally damaging.

    • (Talking about Red Dwarf.)
      Robert: It's a hard show to make. I've done ones that involve danger and hardship, but nothing remotely as tough as Red Dwarf. It's the toughest gig I've ever had, and the crew and production said the same. It's a very ambitious show to make on a relatively small budget. The money definitely goes on the screen - there's no luxury behind the scenes!

    • Robert: Being in The Joeys totally changed my life, mostly for the better, and it's a period I'll never forget. I have so many outstanding memories, but one of the best has to be the time I went for a walk outside the Manchester Royal Exchange theatre just before we were due on stage. There was a massive queue reaching all around the building, I was amazed. None of the people in the queue gave me a second look, we'd never been on telly, they'd never seen us before. Once I got back inside the building, the stage manager told me the theatre was full, the people outside were queuing for returns!

    • (When asked his idea of perfect happiness.)
      Robert: Being at home with my kids when they are being funny and charming. Two days a year, if I'm lucky.

    • (About reprising his role as Kryten on Red Dwarf after 10 years.)
      Robert: It was absurdly easy! We all said we feel like we've had a 10 week holiday, not a 10 year break. When we did the read-through I felt a bit wobbly, but as soon as we got into the studio and into costume, it was automatic. We had a brilliant time and I hope it comes across on screen.