Robert Maschio

Robert Maschio


8/25/1966, Syosset, Long Island

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Robert Maschio


  • Robert Maschio ofScrubs in the episode '...
  • Robert Maschio ofScrubs in the episode '...
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Maschio originated from Syosset Long Island and still maintains ties with his home town and family. He studied at Syosset High School. and then Columbia University in New York City, graduating in 1988.

He has three brothers - Michael a novelist, Patrick, a writer of short stories…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Robert Maschio joined the Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre, where he was taught acting by Sanford Meisner, who developed the Meisner technique.

    • The Comedy Rap debut of Robert Maschio took place on 6th December 2007 with "The Todd Song" video at

    • Robert Maschio's father is a lawyer.

    • Robert Maschio is left-handed.

    • Robert's tattoo in the television show Scrubs that his character, Todd "The Todd" Quinlan, has on his arm that says "DOC" is not real. The tattoo is stamped on before he films his scenes, and then it is filled in.

    • Maschio came to Bill Lawerence's attention when Maschio auditioned for one of Lawrence's plays in 1993. This began their association. Five years later, when Lawerence created Scrubs, he had Maschio in mind for the part of The Todd.

      In the five years between, Maschio also guest starred on Lawerence's other production Spin City.

    • After the two years at the Neighbourhood Playhouse School, Maschio stayed in Manhattan, preformed in plays and wrote his own comedy. He began to appear in comedy clubs at night and carried on the busy lifestyle of theater during the day. He continued this pattern for six years. During that time, he was also auditioning for television shows, but soon discovered that most of the sitcom work was in Los Angeles. On discovering this, Maschio moved to Los Angeles to further his career.

    • Maschio started out in the acting business as a comic until he landed the job as The Todd, on 'Scrubs'.

    • It wasn't until his senior year in college did Maschio venture into theatre. He played a lot of different roles while learning, and discovered his true calling.

    • Before fine tuning his acting talents, Maschio studied abroad in his junior year at Columbia.

    • The Ivy League college [Columbia University] was home for Maschio. There Maschio claims he learned a lot from drinking beer out of a funnel to making drug paraphernalia.

    • Maschio grew up in many places - one of them Syosset, Long Island - where after a few drinks his accent becomes more noticeable.

    • Maschio lists his favourite band as Speed of Life - an alternative rock band from Brooklyn, New York.

    • He was a student at Columbia University before actress Lauren Graham, then his girlfriend, convinced him to try acting.

  • Quotes

    • Robert Maschio: (about senior year in college) I started getting into musical theatre. I did Pippin, The Mystery of Edward Drewd, Anything Goes, and by the end of senior year I was totally gay.

    • Robert Maschio: I had so many miniature golf dates when I was growing up. Unfortunately every one of those miniature golf dates ended the same way: with me and my date under a windmill, on Hole 9.

    • Robert Maschio: Ken Jenkins is so old, every time he breaks wind, i think he's going to break a hip.

    • Robert Maschio: Let me tell you something about my golf game: It's not good. It's spectacular.

    • Robert Maschio: (about his ex-girlfriend, Lauren Graham) She pushed me to pursue comedy and theater because it seemed to be something I was good at. That is how I got started.

    • Robert Maschio: (when he first heard about the Todd) I heard something about him being a fairy queen of some sort.

    • Robert Maschio: (on how his last name is spelled) It's [spelled] M-A-S-C-H-I-O, and no, I was not the Karate Kid [Ralph Macchio].

    • Robert Maschio : (on the comedy business)
      When I did standup in New York, I would go get my demo reel taped after I thought I'd had a good set, and the guy was the videographer for all the comedians in town. I would ask him to show me the old tapes of the name comedians at the time, and he would show me some of these people who, when they first started, were really horrible. You couldn't believe it - they were like the worst kind of open mic comedians. And then he would show me a tape of that person five years later, and they were much better, and then five years later. That's when they would first start getting names for themselves, even though in truth they had done standup for, like, ten years.

    • Robert Maschio : (on doing comedy)
      The biggest skill that most comedic-minded people need is finding the right venue for their comedy to shine, because I really do think that certain people are very good at standup, others are very good at sketch, and there are still others who are comedic actors. David Hyde Pierce, for example, is a really gifted comedic actor; I don't know if he would do well as a standup. On the other hand I've seen a lot of standups who are so funny when they're in the room live at a comedy club, and then [when] I see them on a sitcom they're kind of muted because they're not in their venue

    • Maschio : (on ad libbing lines for the Todd)
      There's a lot of one-liners, like sometimes we'll just do a series, and I'll do 5 different variations on the line that they recommend, which is great ... and they just pick the best one in editing.

    • Maschio : (on auditioning for a Bill Lawerence play)
      The play was a success and it really highlighted Bill's great talents as he was unknown at the time [but] I was back in New York in eight months because I was broke and had no idea how the game worked.

    • Maschio : (on his two years at Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theater)
      I became a triple threat - I was singing, acting and dancing. It was a very old-fashioned approach to making a living as an actor as it was more geared toward Broadway.

    • Maschio: (on working on the 2003 film 'Date or Disaster')
      This was NOT my project at all - it was supposed to be a weekend thing, a 2-3 day shoot, for fun and it turned into a 2 month agonizing committement. I got sucked in more and more, and because I played the lead character, I felt responsible for it's outcome ... unfortunately it sucked and even though I tried to re-write and add funny graphics it didn't matter. It was a flawed, unfocused premise that could not be salvaged. It amazes me how the producers of that movie wall-papered it all over the internet ... I don't get it. I can't even watch it.

    • Maschio : (on other roles he'd love to tackle)
      I just came back from NYC, where I auditioned for 'the Sopranos' - would love to be on that show, it's not happening right now, though the lobbying for it continues ... there are a handful of different things I could do as an actor that are VERY different than the Todd ... hopefully I will get a chance to do those things. I can't run around in a banana hammock forever and call that a career ... or can I?

    • Maschio : (on doing stand up)
      I did stand up from 1993-1998/99 ... about 6 years. I really enjoyed the actual time on stage, but I wasn't very happy in the world of stand up comedy...(and I was pretty good at it, even though I was much more of a theater actor)

      One example why I hated that world: there's a comedy club here in los angeles. When I first started out, every week I would sign up and wait on line for about 7 hours to get to perform for 3 minutes on the 8 pm show! Crazy I know, but I wanted it badly. Anyway, I did this every week for about 3-4 months. And after every one of my "3 minute sets" the owner of the club would sit me down and tell me how I was going to be a STAR.

      One night, my set was going VERY well, so I kept going - over the 3 minute limit. At about 3 1/2 minutes, despite the big laughs, they cut the mike on me and motioned for me to get off the stage. The owner sat me down and told me I was banned from his club for 1 year because I went over the time limit ... I went from being a star to being a persona non grata ... in the world of stand up comedy, you're only as good as your last set (and sometimes even if your last set is going well, it doesn't matter).

    • Maschio : (on the Todd's future)
      I feel there are huge untapped comedic opportunities for this character that haven't been mined. It would be very funny to have certain questions answered for why the Todd is the way he is ... and naturally I'd like them to put the Todd in more and more comedically charged and over the top scenarios ... there's really nothing I wouldn't do for the joke. Have you ever seen a man make out with a Lama - that's got to be worth a couple of points in the ratings.

    • Maschio : (on the Todd's popularity)
      It always felt to me that the Todd has been a fan favorite, maybe because of his unabashed enthusiasm for everything he does - life, sex, surgery, guy things etc. You'd be amazed how many people come up to me and ask for the high five.

    • Maschio : (on having a "My Story" dedicated to the Todd on 'Scrubs')
      That would be so much fun, a great way to see the hospital from an entirely different perspective ... it would also be wildly comedic in such an outrageous way - I'd love to do it naturally, but there's not a snowballs chance in hell it will happen. Still, I have so many ideas for it, all I can say is watch out Ali G, I'll make you look tame compared to what I'm willing to do ... seriously, just take off the leash and let this dog run!

    • Maschio : (on wearing a those undies)
      What can I say, it just feels right. I might add, it takes a certain kind of gifted man to fill out the banana hammock, either that or a lot of smushed up wonder bread ... kidding. Or am I?

    • Maschio : (on his preceptions of the Todd on 'Scrubs' and how he himself differs)
      Since the Todd is such a big personality, who thinks he's the life of the party wherever he goes, I decided from day one, (season 1) to walk around the set like that - that way it would be easier for me to "get away with" and feel more comfortable saying and doing the outrageous things that the Todd does ... In truth, I'm not really like my character - in fact I'm acutely aware of how other people see me, whereas the Todd is not.

    • Maschio : (on The Todd, his reoccuring role in 'Scrubs')
      I think he's not homosexual. He's not bisexual. He's try-sexual. He'll try anyone ... He's a hedonist. He's a sensualist. He's addicted to pleasures of the flesh.

    • Maschio : (on writing his own play)
      'Stand Up Guys' was a play I wrote and produced here in Los Angeles a couple of years ago. It was based on my experiences as a stand up comedian in New York ... I've written plays, short stories, and sitcom scripts, but no films as of yet ... you may very well see me in the near future as a writer on a sitcom, that seems to be the venue I best suited for.

    • Maschio : (on the cast of 'Scrubs')
      They make fun of me on the set, the other actors, because I'm literally always in the corner rehearsing my one line. And I won't talk to any of them. I just want to come in and nail it. Hopefully, I do.

    • Maschio : (on the inspiration for The Todd his recurring role on 'Srubs')
      I really kind of developed this Todd character through my stand-up routine. I would just give up some nights and go, "You know I'm just a guy. I have simple thoughts, itty bitty guy thoughts. 'Showgirls ' was my 'Schindler's List.'" I would just rip on that. That's kind of what I draw on little bit for this character. I grew up as a jock. I knew a lot of those jocky frat boys.