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    • Robert: (After the cast of "Guiding Light" traveled to Biloxi, MS) I went to New Orleans and spent about an hour with the Hands On people there and then I drove around the Ninth Ward by myself on a very rainy day and that was just excruciating. It just kills you. It's crazy. It's like walking through some kind of different moonscape or something. It just blows your mind. And you're 50 yards away from the levee that broke and you know that it's been patched, but it still could do the same thing. Houses sideways, cars upside down ... I mean it's just crazy.

    • Robert: (about his wife and children) I honestly cannot imagine this world without them in it. They help me to find balance in this crazy business that I work in. They always remind me of who I am and what's important. And I thank God for them every single day of my life.

    • Robert: (on starring in the stage production of The Full Monty) I just thought it would be a nice break away from Guiding Light for a couple of weeks. And what the hell, you only go round once in life, right?

    • Robert: (on his reaction to September 11th) We were just absolutely stunned out of our minds. Our first instinct, really, was to grab our kids and get them out of school even though we live a good solid hour north of Manhattan. It just seemed like we wanted to have our kids with us immediately.

    • Robert: If I could commune with the dead, I think it would be somebody like the Apostle Paul. His life was just so interesting and incredible and I would really like to pick his brain.