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Robert Osborne


Colfax, Washington, USA

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Bob Osborne
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Robert Osborne is best known as the host of the Turner Classic Movies, introducing films and interviewing stars of the golden age on "Private Screenings." He also hosts "The Essentials" on TCM.

Osborne graduated with a degree in Journalism from the University of Washington and pursued a…more


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  • The Man Who Made Watching Classic Films Cool

    Robert Osborne started out as an actor, but when he realizes he wasn't that great of an actor to begin with, with his extreme knowledge in classic films, he became a journalist, interviewing some of the greatest actors who's ever lived, including Lucille Ball and many others. In 1994, Osborne launched the channel that is the highlight of his career, Turner Classic Movies, a film channel that plays some of the greatest movies ever made uncut and commercial free. 20 years later, the channel is still going strong, now more popular than ever, thanks to Osborne's excellent introductions to the movies that are played and some of the shows he hosts as well, such as Private Screenings, where he interviews acclaimed classic stars, and The Essentials, where he discusses films considered essential worthy. Why is Robert Osborne an excellent human being? Without Osborne, I don't think that the term "classic movies" will have the same form of respect as it does thanks to him and we also wouldn't have TCM, one of my all-time favorite channels to watch on TV. When his time comes, he will surely be missed.moreless