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  • Situation Red

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    S 3 : Ep 19 - 2/9/70

    Major Arlin McCoy, Chief of Security at a secret government installation is prescribed medication, steroids, that has a side effect of paranoia, and is told to leave the base by the doctor. General Wiley receives orders that there will be a complete test of the President's Unified Nuclear Control Station, under simulated war conditions. Before he can leave, the Major is told something "big" is going to happen, and is asked to stay on the base. In the meantime, Major McCoy has been overdosing on the medication and thinks the situation is real. He decides to take control by force, and locks himself in the President's war room. He hits the button to override the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and is now running the show from the President's chair. Now, the only way to recall the B-52 bombers is from that room. While this is going on, members of the S.I.A., including Devon, were on a tour of the facility. Devon suggests that they blow the door to get the Major out. The General tells Devon that the room was built to withstand a regiment of enemy troops and was built by the worlds prime bank manufacturers; it's literally a bank vault. Devon has Al brought to the base. Devon tells the General he might have a way to get the door open. Al is given thirty minutes to open the door, but before he can finish, the General decides to blow the door, but it doesn't work. Devon convinces the Major that the President is there and that Al is his #1 Secret Service agent and has to check the room before the President can go in. The Major opens the door and Al has less than two minutes to hit the automatic mission recall button and prevent World War III.moreless
  • Shona

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    S 8 : Ep 22 - 2/9/63

    A boy sees a squaw working on a buffalo. He meets Les and Rud Torbert and Joe Riser. They meet Matt and Quint. Pa Torbert was killed by indians six months ago. Tracks lead to Gib Dawson and his indian wife Shona, a friend of Quint's. Les is trying to get guys to go Indian hunting. Shona cut her hand and it is infected. Gib takes her to see Doc, who says she needs to stay in town for treatment. Les tries to throw Gib and Shona out of town. Matt and Quint break it up. Gib checks into the Dodge House until Dobie,the clerk sees Shona. Quint takes them to Ma she refuses. Kitty has Shona stay with her. Les sees Kitty take Shona in. The town boycotts Kitty and Quint. Les stirs up the mob. He plans to take Shona twenty miles out, rough her up and leave her. Joe and a guy are picked to go kidnap Shona. She's gone. Rud comes out of a place when everyone is searching for Shona, and tells Quint she's not in there. Quint sees Rudd go back in. Shona is tied up. Rud plans on taking Shona to Pueblo. Quint jumps him, shots are fired. Les asks Shona if Quint was bringing her in, as Rud said. No. She says Rud took her from Kitty's and wants to take her to Colorado. Les shoots Rud. Matt's back in town. Les draws on Matt. Matt shoots Les.moreless