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    But I love him. He is a really bad actor. I love the real him, the funny him.
  • I really want Dracula to kill him.

    Remember Dracula and Nosferactu?Well now,this is what replaced them:A no talent actor.We all now how much Twilight sucks,but this is what taking the spotlight.First off,he can't act.But it doesn't matter to the girls,they just think he's hot.He's NOT hot!!!He looks like a guy who hasn't slept or took a bath in about 3 years.His movies are just terrible.And I'm especially not going to watch his new movie,Water For Elephants.But it doesn't matter to the girls.They still think he's hot.He's not hot.I've seen pictures of him online and he just sucks big time.Anyways,in my opinion,Robert Pattison can't act,he's not hot,he's just a wannabe actor
  • He sucks in Twilight

    I love him in every movie that he did except twilight :L
  • Hottest man alive.

    Robert Pattinson is love. He is a brilliant actor, we all know he could be better though, but his is still young so there is alot to learn. In my opinion he is amazing already. I loved him in Twilight, and he play Edward Cullen extremely well. I can't think of anyone better for that role. Oh and he is like the hottest man alive. Gorgeous, charming, cute, talented, handsome oh and British. Anyway, I can't wait to see Robert show off his acting in the future especially New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. All in all 10 out 10 for the gorgoes Rob.
  • The hottest guy in the planet.

    He is so perfect.His face, his acting everything about him is just perfect.The first movie I ever saw him on was Harry Potter i never really got to know him but after watching twilight i fell in love immediately.I think his acting is great and his voice is also great.I love his song Let Me Sign, the song is just perfect.When he's acting you can see his passion for what he's doing.His passion also speaks for itself in his singing. I believe there are great things in store for Robert Pattinson and his fans will always be with him throughout his journey.Truly great actor and musician.
  • Really talented and handsome!

    Nobody knew of Robert Pattison at all. He did the Harry Potter films but it was Twilight that gave him his superstardom. He is shy and quiet in real life. And I like shy and quiet guys, though they are mysterious. He is taken it all in stride despite what is coming to him. And he is a great actor and will have a great career if he picks the right roles. And that hopefully he can be known for not just the Twilight series. But in other acting roles. Because he is handsome and talented. Good luck to Robert in the future.
  • Katrick101 wrote...

    Robert was awesome in Harry Potter. But that was 2005, and it's 2009. Now it's Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn. Personally, i'm waiting for Eclipse because Bella is torn between fire(Jacob)and ice(Edward). If you go to Google Videos, you can see the trailer for Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. In, Breaking Dawn, Bella becomes a vampire when having her baby, Renesmee. Edward and her go on her first hunt where she tackles a mountain lion and he tackles a deer. Bella goes back looking like she murdered someone. And Edward, well, he had a white shirt on and was looking fine. Hey, but what's new!
  • simply unique...

    Robert Pattinson... He is everything!!!! An amazing actor, a great musician... He plays the PIANO (I guess everybody knows that), the guitar and he's singing with that divine voice... He played Cedric Diggory and girls got wild. Not to mention the teardrops when the character died... And then came Edward Cullen... If someone didn't like vampires before, well, he found a good reason to start adoring them since Twilight!!!! Women have unrealistic expectations in men since they watched him playing Edward Cullen...!!!! Robert's acting is amazing!!! He's got the moves and everything!!!! Many people admit that what makes him one of the best is his ability to change the expressions on his face... No matter what he's still the best!!!! He's a great pianist and guitarist and singer!!!! He's handsome, hot cute, sweet, he has those beautiful eyes and hair that girls love and he's english and taurus!!!! There's only one thing left to say... GOD BLESS ENGLAND!!!!
  • Suggestions and what I think....

    Omg!!!! He is a terrific actor, his movie "How to Be" was different but, good. I felt so bad for his character. He is such an attractive man, it is almost immpossible not to think he is attractive. The movie Twilight was good. I am looking foward to seeing New Moon, the effects and lighting I am expecting to be better. In the first movie, they made Bella look like a vampire she was way to white. Any way, Im looking foward to see what characters they replace if any and who will be the new vampires from the Vollitor.... Should be interesting. I think I would like to be surprised and personally, I think Robert could do better than that lil girl he has been dating recently. He shoudl be with some one that he has mutal things in common. Typically relationships work out the best when you don't fight alot.
  • one of the greatest

    Yes he's a personal favorite; I watched him in most of his movies, but I was very impressed by his Twilight role- great interpretation he had there, but for me the whole movie it's a huge disappointment; why would I say that? Because beside Pattinson the other actors/actresses simply interpret a role, don't even bother suit their characters. The good thing about the movie it's that it has Robert to save it, also making him more famous that he was before Twilight. I could say if you read the book don't bother watch the movie unless you're one of his fans because you'll be all disappointed.
  • omg rob i love you so much

    OMG rob i love you so much
    i cant wait for your new movies to come out. you were amazing in twilight and harry potter now that your bigger I'm glad you're not doing bigger roles (little ashes) but it would be amazing for you to be in pirates of the Caribbean (like rumored)

    Actually i take that back, my theory is that if there arent alot of people who know who you are (like ive been watching you since 2003) then i have more of a chance with you lmao pathertic i know =)

    i hope that i get to meet you because you are an amzing actor and i cannot wait to see more of you!!
  • Gorgeous.

    Robert Pattinson is love. He is a brilliant actor, we all know he could be better though, but his is still young so there is alot to learn. In my opinion he is amazing already. I loved him in Twilight, and he play Edward Cullen extremely well. I can't think of anyone better for that role. Oh and he is like the hottest man alive. Gorgeous, charming, cute, talented, handsome oh and British. Anyway, I can't wait to see Robert show off his acting in the future especially New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. All in all 10 out 10 for the gorgoes Rob.
  • empty

    I first saw Rob when he was in HP 4,, and when he was in Twilight I was amazed.=]] Im in love with Robert Pattinson.. yea Edward was awesome too but Im more intrigued by Robert.[x
    We are both very much alike aside from the age.
    Both blue eyes, immature at times, and like drinking diet coke. Well I love diet coke.
    ALSO we both like Rap and Blues. EMINEM ROCKS ROBERT!
  • sex

    robert pattinson is the hottest dude in the world .....i know u all agree........btu his birthday is on the thirteenth of may nto the fourteenth as stated..geez get it right..he is the hottest dude out there..hahaa

    i love spunk rans0m...

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  • words can only describe how amazing he is

    First off, I'm still amazed at how he perfected his American accent in Twilight. RPattz is an amazing actor. The first time I saw him, in HP 4, he was still a no-name actor (sort of) but still, cute. His performance in Twilight blew me away. When I read the book and then saw the movie, he was definitely what I pictured Edward to look like. Of course, there are going to be people that disagree with me. Whatev. It's my opinion and I think he's a sexy beast and an amazing actor. lol. OMG, I can't wait for New Moon to come out in November!!! ILY Robert (aka Edward XD )!!!!
  • Robert Pattinson is a talented man who likes music and acting and all of the girls out there would be waiting for you Rob! Keep up the good work! xoxo

    Robert Pattinson is a one-of-a-kind star out there. During Twilight, he won lots of young girls (even young moms) all over the world! and became a hearthrob. (Zac Efron or Robert Pattinson).. ?..
    I think most wil choose Robert ;) but the only thing that some people dont like about Robert is that he smokes- thats all, they know he's on he's twenties and that he's legal but still they wish dont. -(because they are worrying about his health- that's all) He is crazy funny which most women will be attracted to- or is it that perfect face? to me it's his love for music i dont care if he wasn't famous i would still like him.

  • Perfect!!

    I am absolutly agree with AloveMtvY and 1 more thing, like I say on my profile,
    I saw the scenes behind the cameras and the making off, they really fit together xD
    Now my next step is to read the book and I hope soon, to see which of both is better.
    Well if someone want to discuss about movies or tv shows,let me know :)
    grrrrr.... xD 100 words min :S I do not know what more to say hehe...
    Oh!!!, 1 more thing, I am trying to search on google earth all the stars homes (around all the world, not only hollywood) and I want to know if someone know where Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson live.
    greetings to everyone.
    take care
  • Perfection!!!!

    What is not to like about him? Nothing. He is gorgeous, talented and practically perfect. Today I watched Twilight and it was amazing, it has to be one of my favourite films of all time. I can't believe how sexy he looked, my knees went weak when I saw him, he is truly beautiful. For a 22 year old he is extreamly talented, the chemistry between him and Belle was so real. The truth is I couldn't take my eyes off him. The fact that he is a muscian makes him that much more interesting, he was really good at playing the piano. I am english so I was really happy when I found out that he was too, his accent is sexy, very sexy. He is one of my favourite people because when you see him you can't take your eyes off of him. If you havn't seen Twilight then I suggest you do, it truly is an amazing film.
  • He's britsh and he can act.

    Robert Pattinson is someone to watch out for. He is mostly known for his role in the blockbuster hit Twilight. To that role he brings a mysterious but caring vampire. We have to give him the props that he deserves. He not is just a good actor but he once said that he wanted to stop acting to become a musican and i think that his fans will support him in anything. For me i hope that Pattinson would keep the acting thing because he really has a gift for it and i guess we have to wait and see.
  • What can I say? He is charming, cute, awesome accent and lots of talent.

    I've watched two films in which Robert has participated in. One of the films Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, his role was small but he still did a wonderful job at playing the doomed Cedric Diggory. Then his newest role, which has made him become part of the public eye thanks to all us crazy fan girls, TWILIGHT. I swear he did the most awesome job at bringing our Edward Cullen to life, obviously because we read about Edward through Bella's POV we see him as this perfect being. But Robert didn't try to pull that off, he tried to pull off someone that was suffering, and if anyone has read Midnight Sun, that is exactly what Edward is like. I think Robert is going places :D hopefully he'll be able to portray our Edward Cullen for the upcoming sequels of the twilight series.
  • Talented, engaging, charming, handsome, gorgeous - shall I go on? You get the drift.

    I guess, like most, I first noticed Rob in HP: Goblet of Fire in his 'Cedric' role. At the time I was impressed with him and wished he'd had a larger role in the film and kept my eye out for anything else he acted in.

    So then I came across "Ring of the Nibelung" made before HP and he impressed me again.

    The guy can act !!!!

    I mean, he really acts....not just plays himself all the time like most well-known names who get paid ridiculous amounts of money to act....

    So then, through the books I got caught up in the Twilight thing and heard he was playing the role of Edward and I almost swooned...why didn't I think of him for Edward?? He's perfect!!! Especially now that he's grown into that heart stopping smile of his.

    Then I saw the Haunted Airman and despite lacklustre direction he turned the role into an interesting atmospheric winner.

    So now I've seen Twilight (I won't embarrass myself by writing here how many times but suffice to say 'several') and his performance (and that of the other actors) in light of a less than stellar script was riveting...or maybe I was just blinded by his smile again - so kill me, I'm a girl who likes guys with big smiles!

    So all in all, I can't wait to see where his career takes him. Despite all the hype and the insane media junket he's been on the past few months he's always friendly and genuine in his interviews; and always generous to his fellow actors. His humility is probably one of his most engaging qualities at this stage and I hope he gets out of Hollywood before that begins to wane....that seems like a fairly soul destroying place.
  • What's not to like? ;D

    I liked him quite a bit in "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire". Not only is he ridiculously good-looking, but he also seems to be a really nice, down-to-earth guy. And he's Brittish :D! I think he made for a great (and really hot!) Edward Cullen. It was so nice getting to stare at him for two hours ;). I'll admit, I was kind of ambivalent when I found out who they'd cast to play Edward. But as soon as he showed up on screen, all doubts were gone. Now I can't picture anyone but him in that role. I can't wait for the next one!
  • Edward Cullen

    Robert Pattinson is a charming,charismatic,and just plain hot guy.His anticipated performance as the #1 vampire,Edward Cullen will bring him to super-stardom.His role in Twilight will launch his career in ways he cant even imagine.He has previously portrayed a wizard in the Harry Potter franchise.Unfortunately not everyone thinks he is cut out for Edward.I personally believe he will redeem himself and prove us all wrong.He is a British actor conquering America.His chemistry on screen in impecable.He is going to be one of the greats.He is only at the peak of his career.As previously stated "Twilight" will show us what he's made of.New Moon,the sequal to be released in 2010,will bring our beloved Robert back to the big screen and back with Kristen Stewart to show us the romance between a human and vampire.How horribly and perfectly it could go.He brings not only a vampire but a human quality to Edward.Not something anyone could have pulled off.

    Good Luck Edward Cullen/Robert Pattinson

    In Harry Potter 4, Robert Pattinson did an amazing job! No doubt in my mind that he will be able to do another fantastic job in Twilight! From the trailer and clips that have been going around youtube he seems like he plays the part well and he is very lucky to be able to play the most wanted Fictional Character EVER! And like i said in my summary.... he has an amazing crooked smile! Which fits perfectly with his part as Edward Cullen in the upcoming movie Twilight! I hope he gets to be in more great movies soon! :)
  • Quite honestly, this guy is a hottie mchott sandwich, and he is going to be a great actor someday. I don't know what else to say to describe him because the face says it all...

    He starts out with a minor role in a Harry Potter flick, and with a couple other minor roles he's becoming the star of this winter's most popular movie?!?! that has got to say a thing or two about this young man, and needless to say his looks do give him the upper hand. He and Kristen Stewart are going to be magic on the big screen together, and they will more than likely leave you crying or in some way feeling their performance when you leave the theater. The movie doesn't even come out for 6 months, but i already have the utmost faith in the power that this movie and book hold.

    love always...
  • empty

    Robert Pattinson is absolutly gorgeous.
    The first time I saw him he was in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, I didn't pay much attention to his character at first, but I soon noticed that his was an amazing actor and really good at his craft.
    I recently found out he was going to be portraying Edward Cullen in the movie adaptation of Twilight and I couldn't be happier.
  • I first saw Robert on Harry potter 4, and i thought this guy is too good looking to be really nice. But when you listen to his interviews, you come to realize that he is a down-earth-guy. For sure he is no Jude Law......HE\\\'s Better!!!!! and that\\\'s a

    I first saw Robert on harry potter 4. He is an amazing actor. he didn\\\'t have a lot of scenes but you can tell he is passionate.He looks so awsome you would think he is a stuck-up person. but when you listen to his interview, you realize that Robert is just a cool guy who is trying not to look like a dork, which is the greatest!