Robert Plotkin

Robert Plotkin


1/1/1978, Bronx, New York City, New York, USA

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Robert Plotkin


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  • WOW! Super HOT Metro-sexual. Give him a show doing anything and I'd tune in. I'd watch an hour of him just brushing his teeth. What-A-Man! He can dress you up in the morning and strip you down at night.moreless

    Besides being a really talented designer, he was so hot and sexy and STRAIGHT!! Oh my God! could you ever ask for more? No other designer on Project Runway has ever captured my attention the way he did. I've probably watched season 1 for at least 50 times. The biggest disappointment was when Robert was sent home. A simple Russian, "Cpacibo, Robert!" says it all. I think he needs his own show. I think he has great talent both as a designer and as a model. He's just too damn pretty, not easy to find in a straight designer.

    He's more than eye-candy he's the entire Willie Wonka Chocolate Factory.moreless
  • Robert is hot and SEXY. I\'m so glad they kept him on the show as eye candy, I would not have continued to watch if he didn\'t come back on, why he was there I have no idea, I can only imagine that the producers felt the same way.moreless

    As a designer, well, I've seen better, but perhaps he should consider modeling the clothes instead. Robert has a positive outlook, a great smile, good sense of humor, he\'s straight, he was supportive of the other contestants, he does however have great personal fashion sense, I love his dress shirts, and his caual wear is hip and cool. Viva Roberto!!