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    • Maureen McCormick, who played Robert's oldest daughter Marcia on The Brady Bunch, has admitted that she had a huge crush on him while filming the show. She had no idea that he was gay until many years later. "I used to imagine running off with him!" McCormick has claimed.

    • Many of the young actors who played Robert's six children on The Brady Bunch recall how Robert was constantly quoting Shakespeare on set, so his character's philosophical ways were not all a matter of "acting."

    • While in high school, Robert Reed wrote and produced for local radio stations and worked as an announcer.

    • Robert Reed was a member of Beta Theta Pi Fraternity.

    • In June of 2004, Robert Reed's character, Mike Brady, on The Brady Bunch was ranked #14 in TV Guide's list of the "50 Greatest TV Dads of All Time."

    • Robert Reed never told the rest of The Brady Bunch cast that he had AIDS. He told his TV wife, Florence Henderson, just days before his death.

    • Robert Reed admitted long after The Brady Bunch ended that he hated the show and that it was extremely embarrassing playing the role of Mike Brady.

    • Robert Reed went to Northwestern University, in Evanston, Illinois before he transferred to the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London, England, UK.

    • Robert Reed was married to Marilyn Rosenberg from 1957 until 1959. They had one daughter together.

    • Robert Reed was 6'3" tall.

    • Even though Robert hated being on the set of the Brady Bunch and always fought with Sherwood Schwartz, the creator/producer, he loved all six kids like they were his own and he enjoyed being around them.

    • Robert reprised his role of Mike Brady in the movie The Brady Girls Get Married.

    • Robert Reed was the only cast member from The Brady Bunch that didn't appear in the series finale. He was written out of the final episode because he didn't like the script.

    • Robert Reed was the only cast member from The Brady Bunch, who didn't appear in every episode.

    • He starred in the tv show Nurse.

    • Robert Reed is probably best known for his work on The Brady Bunch, playing Mike Brady, an architect and father of 6.

    • Robert Reed plays Johnny Lubitsch, the father of Tod Lubitsch, played by John Travolta, in the movie The Boy in the Plastic Bubble.

  • Quotes

    • Robert Reed: The Brady Bunch will remain popular until it's an anachronism. Then it'll fall into Our Gang status.

    • Robert Reed: I can't stand the name Reed. It always reminds me of vanilla or tapioca pudding.