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  • Great character in my favorite show, One on One.

    As of late, One on One has been my favorite show, and Arnaz has been on of my favorite characters. Well, one of my favorites. He is involved with one of my favorite television couples, Arnaz (him) and Breanna Barnes. (Kyla Pratt) I hated how Flex, Breanna's dad, was always pulling them apart. That really ruined the series in so many ways for me, 'cause well.. well.. I liked seeing Arnaz and Breanna together. They remind me of me and the girl I like. So far for me though, I've only gotten to the part where I really like her, and doesn't like me back like I like her...

    But enough about me-though his character was great and his relationship with Breanna was one of my favorite parts of the show, he wasn't as funny as the others. He has at least one or two or so really funny parts in every episode, but other lines that meant to be so called "humor" are really kind of cheesy. But I guess he didn't write the script...

    So great actor, has his funny times... that's it. Well, if I was a girl.. and a normal girl, I would be mentioning his looks, but since I'm a guy.. that'd be just weird. So that's all. Funny. Great actor. Peace out.
  • Robert richard is hot and has a nice six pack. kyala is so lucky.i with u where my boy friend. flex is always breaking them up. Robert is sexy and to die for.

    One on One is my FAVORITE show i watch it everyday. flex and Robert are hot and sexy. Kyla Pratt is lucky to be with robert i wish i was her. She is so pretty. I wish i was that pretty. Sicily is so so funning and stupid some times. Like when they had the S.A.T. test and she couldnt remeber her name. demack is hot and sexy and funning to. demack is robert and kylas roommates. On "brianna's" 19th birthday flex kept interpruting robert and kyla to do it. I loved the pink short shorts and tank top i want some.
  • One on one he is always lookin so fine especially on that episode when brianna and arnaz where gonna have sex but then her daddy walked in when i saw his body i was like oooo my god! his body was the best i have everseen

    by the way they better not do anything like that again because that was down right wrong 4 that b 2 be all over my man so she better learn 2 keep her **** some where else i dont nkow why ilike him so much that boy is just so damn sexy!my room has mad pics and posters of him that is crazy i know alot....many **** can relate to me but that better know he is and will always my man but that boy live in L.A and i live in new york how we gonna contact each other the give me his phone number i gon b like halla
  • I think that robert ri`chard is extremely talented.

    I think that robert ri`chard is extremely talented. He is very good and I'm surprised that he is not as famous as denzel washington. I think he should continue acting and eventually people will start noticing him more than now. He is really sexy. His eyes are like more than breath taking. it's so hot!!!!!!!!!
  • hi my name is ian and im from scotland, UK.

    i am writin this review to ask anyone who can plz get bk 2 me if they know what robert ri\'chards email address is. If anyone does have his email address i would much appreciate it if you could send me an email with it. Thank you all very much.
  • Robert Ri'Chard

    He is so sexy! I have been watching him since he was on Cousin Skeeter. Actually the first time I saw him he was guest starring on "Nash Bridges." I always thought he was so cute, and fortunately he just gets better with age. Sometime he plays mad corny characters, but he is so cute that it makes up for it. He has the most beautiful eyes. When I saw him in "Light it Up" back in the day I cried when he got shot. He's great on "One on One" and he was awesome in "Coach Carter". I think he's going to be around for a long time.
  • I saw you in Coach Carter, I thought you were SOO fine. I wish the movie would have foced completely on you. I hope to see your gorgeous self in TONS more movies. OH,did I mention I LOVE YOU?!?!?!

    Robert did an excellent job and looked amazing doing it. I hope to see ALOT more of him in the years to come. Robert, if you read this,call me! 309-235-2939,ask for Rachel. I have long dark brown hair, with dark brown eyes. I'm about 5'4" and have a killer body. Call me and you wont regret it.
  • he is the finest boy on the show. And when he doesn't have his shirt on and i see his body i melt his body is some tempting

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