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  • Great character in my favorite show, One on One.

    As of late, One on One has been my favorite show, and Arnaz has been on of my favorite characters. Well, one of my favorites. He is involved with one of my favorite television couples, Arnaz (him) and Breanna Barnes. (Kyla Pratt) I hated how Flex, Breanna's dad, was always pulling them apart. That really ruined the series in so many ways for me, 'cause well.. well.. I liked seeing Arnaz and Breanna together. They remind me of me and the girl I like. So far for me though, I've only gotten to the part where I really like her, and doesn't like me back like I like her...

    But enough about me-though his character was great and his relationship with Breanna was one of my favorite parts of the show, he wasn't as funny as the others. He has at least one or two or so really funny parts in every episode, but other lines that meant to be so called "humor" are really kind of cheesy. But I guess he didn't write the script...

    So great actor, has his funny times... that's it. Well, if I was a girl.. and a normal girl, I would be mentioning his looks, but since I'm a guy.. that'd be just weird. So that's all. Funny. Great actor. Peace out.