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    • In August 2007, Robert and his wife Caroline were in China for the Beijing Book Festival; while there, they visited The Forbidden City with Neil Gaiman.

    • Robert's short story, Identity Theft, was nominated in the category of "Best Novella" for the Nebula Awards in 2005.

    • Robert's short story, Shed Skin (2004) was nominated for a Hugo Award in the category of "Best Short Story" in 2005.

    • His Astrological sign is Taurus.

    • His novel, Hominids, was a Hugo Award winner for Best Novel of 2002. (Awarded in 2003; The Hugo Award is the leading award for excellence in the field of science fiction and fantasy. The Hugos are awarded each year by the World Science Fiction Society, at the World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon))

    • His novel, Humans, was a Hugo Award nominee for Best Novel of 2003.

    • His parents are: John Arthur Sawyer and Virginia Kivley Peterson Sawyer.

    • He was born in Ottawa, Ontario, but his family moved to Toronto, Ontario while he was still very young.

    • He has two brothers, Peter Douglas Sawyer, who is six years older than him and Alan Bruce Sawyer, who is sixteen months younger.

    • He was a chubby child, and lousy at sports.

    • He loved to watch Star Trek as a child.

    • His grade 5 teacher was his first fan, and used to ask him for copies of his stories so that she could keep them. He wrote them out by hand for her.

    • When he was in grade 10, he started a science fiction club at school with a friend of his, called Northview Association for Science Fiction Addicts, or NASFA.

    • In 1979, the Strasenburgh Planetarium in New York State held a science fiction contest, and while Sawyer didn't win, the Planetarium did buy his story, and he had an opportunity to meet Isaac Asimov at the winners' reception.

    • In September 1979, he began his studies in Radio and Television Arts at Toronto's Ryerson Polytechnical Institute. (Now Ryerson University) He graduated in 1982.

    • After graduating, he worked in a bookstore in downtown Toronto (Bakka) for four months before beginning his full-time job at Ryerson, teaching television studio production techniques.

    • He spearheaded the successful movement to establish a Canadian region of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America; and in 1998, he served as president of the organization.

    • His novelette "Golden Fleece," appeared as the cover story in the September 1988 edition of Amazing Stories.

    • He married his long-time girlfriend, Carolyn Clink, in 1984.

    • Sawyer's novel, The Terminal Experiment, won the 1995 Nebula Award for Best Novel.

    • His novel, Starplex, was a finalist for both the Hugo and Nebula Awards in the category of Best Novel for 1996.

    • His novel, Frameshift, was nominated for the Hugo Award for Best Novel in 1997.

    • His novel, Frameshift, won Japan's Seiun Award for Best Foreign Novel of the Year in 1997.

    • He is a science-fiction writer.

  • Quotes

    • Robert J. Sawyer: I remember being bored most of the time in the classroom, and that led to me being somewhat disruptive there. But at the end of every week, my father took me down to the Royal Ontario Museum's Saturday Morning Club, where bright kids got to go behind the scenes in the museum's various departments and learn all sorts of fascinating things; that was the intellectual highlight of my childhood.

    • Robert J. Sawyer: I've never developed adult vices; to this day, I don't drive and I don't drink, but I've got a real fondness for chocolate milk, potato chips, and pizza.