Robert Sean Leonard

Robert Sean Leonard


2/28/1969, Westwood, New Jersey, USA

Birth Name

Robert Lawrence Leonard



Also Known As

Robert Leonard, Bob Leonard, Robert Leonard
  • Robert Sean Leonard on House season 8.
  • Robert Sean Leonard returns as Dr. James...
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Stagestruck since the age of 11, Robert Sean Leonard acted Off-Broadway in Sally's Gone, She Left Her Name and made his Broadway debut as Eugene in Neil Simon's Brighton Beach Memoirs shortly after appearing in a small part in his first feature The Manhattan Project. He landed a…more


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    • Robert: I've achieved everything I wanted to do. When I was growing up, I wanted to be Kevin Kline, Sam Waterston. I grew up watching the Public Theater and Shakespeare in the park and Marion Seldes. I mean, I may as well be gay.

    • Robert: (On Wilson and House's relationship) I think they are like a complex, dark version of The Odd Couple's Felix and Oscar. For a guy like House to find the one person in the hospital who gets him, who shares his humor, who can be ironic as he is and is also in a lot pain, it's something everyone needs. But things shifted because of Tritter. The relationship got shaken up. But for me, this is the most fun I've had on the show. To have Hugh on one side and David on the other, that's a pretty nice line to be in.

    • Robert: Two of my favorite movies are The Misfits and All The President's Men. Man, there's a lot of testosterone in those two films. I pick Misfits because you rarely get to hear lines like when Marilyn Monroe asks Gable how they're going to get home and he answers: 'Just head for that big star straight on...It'll take us right home.' And President's Men because of when Hoffman lights up in an elevator and Redford says to him, 'Do you smoke everywhere?'

  • Thoughts on James Leonard

    Wonderful actor. Plays one of my favorite characters on the show House. He pulls of the loving, compasionate Wilson so incredibly well. I'm sure that must be a hard part of pull off considering how difficult a character House himself is, but James makes it believable that his character truly cares about this poor, bitter man who truly needs a friend like Wilson. He is such a good actor when it comes to having compasion, something I am sure must be difficult to portray, especially giving the characters he has to deal with. The only one that seems to come cloes is Cameron, and even she has her dark points.moreless
  • Plays "Dr. Wilson" on Fox's "House".

    I wasnt a big fan of Leonard's at the beginning of the time that i began watching this series. i must admit that the charcter interferred with my judgement, as i thought that he was boring, and well...useless. Boy was i wrong. The character is needed to balance out House (Hugh Laurie), and man is the actor who plays this character enough to tune in. Leonard pulls off everything that he is given, and has taught me a valuable lesson to not judge an actor based on the character that he or she plays. Personally i think that he deserves an emmy for his performance in the season finale in which Amber (guest star Anne Dudek) dies. Fantastic performance, and fantastic actor!moreless