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  • Thoughts on James Leonard

    Wonderful actor. Plays one of my favorite characters on the show House. He pulls of the loving, compasionate Wilson so incredibly well. I'm sure that must be a hard part of pull off considering how difficult a character House himself is, but James makes it believable that his character truly cares about this poor, bitter man who truly needs a friend like Wilson. He is such a good actor when it comes to having compasion, something I am sure must be difficult to portray, especially giving the characters he has to deal with. The only one that seems to come cloes is Cameron, and even she has her dark points.
  • Plays "Dr. Wilson" on Fox's "House".

    I wasnt a big fan of Leonard's at the beginning of the time that i began watching this series. i must admit that the charcter interferred with my judgement, as i thought that he was boring, and well...useless. Boy was i wrong. The character is needed to balance out House (Hugh Laurie), and man is the actor who plays this character enough to tune in. Leonard pulls off everything that he is given, and has taught me a valuable lesson to not judge an actor based on the character that he or she plays. Personally i think that he deserves an emmy for his performance in the season finale in which Amber (guest star Anne Dudek) dies. Fantastic performance, and fantastic actor!
  • Dr. James Wilson

    As Wilson on House Robert really doesn't get to show his full skill skit, but if you watch the season four finale you will get to see a good taste of it. Robert can seriously do no wrong because he seems to know where his talents lay when it comes to acting. He seems to see that he is suited for the more sensitive roles and they suit him back in return. He just knows how to play emotion so very well and make you believe it, as I said watch the season four finale of House and you will know exactly what I'm talking about. He's done it all. Stage, big screen and small screen and I think he can fit into them all with an incredible ease. He is obviously best known today for his role as Dr. James Wilson but he's done so many other great projects you can just see that he is versatile as well as amazingly talented.
  • From Dead Poets Society to House, Robert Sean Leonard is a great actor.

    I have been a big fan of Robert Sean Leonard since he costarred in the film Dead Poets Society with Robin Williams at the age of twenty. His acting in that film was very good for his age and relative lack of inexperience. Several years later, he received another large role in the feature film "Much Ado About Nothing." Then, in my opinion, he fell off the radar doing mostly television appearances here and there until landing the role of Dr. James Wilson on Fox's TV series, House, MD. His chemistry with House actor Hugh Laurie is evident in the episodes, and it makes both of them better actors. I think Leonard played the part superbly and he is my favorite character on the show. His facial reactions to House's outrageous statements are appropriate and hilarious, and his genius intellect puts him almost at par with House -- just enough to know how to deal with him without being disappointed.
  • Robert Sean Leonard AKA James Wilson

    So, to be honest, I've never heard of RSL before House started. So I can't say I've been a long time fan. I CAN say that ever since House M.D. came out, I've been a fan! He's an amazing actor. Truely awesome and talented. He brings so many things along with different depths of characteristics into the show (the one thing I've seen him in) that you can't help but love him. He's intriguing to watch as an actor. He's truely funny as hell on House...the way he acts, it's priceless! LOL.

    As far as his looks go...well, he's definitely easy on the eyes! Yummy! He gorgeous! That hair...those eyes! He's a very attractive man and is very sexy on screen and off. In all, I love him. He is definitely one of my favorite actors (although I do have a lot). ~Snyder~
  • Whether he is acting on the silver screen, small screen, or even on stage you just can't help but watch.

    Robert Sean Leonard is a very talented actor. His countless talents are displayed in many, if not all, of the movies, plays, and television shows he has had a even a minor role in. I've seen many of his movies all of which I loved. He's played every thing from a navy officer, to a schizophrenic golf pro. He can sing and dance to! Robert Sean Leonard is charming, and charismatic, not to mention gorgeous. I feel he really desearves a bigger part in "House M.D." As he mentioned at "An Evening With House" he should really get his own spin off.
  • Not that he is very handsome with a clean cut look, but a very talented actor. Which is why I feel he deserves a main actor role.

    Watching Robert on House I\'ll feel he needs more TV time. Just too good looking to not see. What does he have plans for the future? Is there a movie that he plans to do? If so I think he could do just about any category, but I probably would like to see him in a more action type film. Under that clean cut look there\'s got to be something bad in him. Besides his acting skills, I was just wondering if he is married? How many kids does he have? Also what sports does he like? and who is his favorie teams? That\'s all for now, good luck D.
  • long time fan

    I have been a fan of his for several years now, always thought he was quite hot, and a good actor, loved his movies in the past so I am very happy to be able to see him every wek on a show as good as House, I like his charecter on the show as well
  • Robert Sean Leonard is an amazing actor. He should so be given a bigger role in House although I must admit towards the end of series one he does get involved more in the action. YAY!!! Oh Ye and watch Dead Poets Society. He rocks in it!

    I saw Robert Sean Leonard in House and thought his portrayal of House's only friend was ace. The balance between quiet loyal friend who isnt fazed by his friend's comments and the sly guy who goes behind his friend's back for what he believes is the good of his friend. Although I know that this is written into the script it is he way that Robert Sean Leonard portrays it that makes it so convincing that this guy could be a friend if House's.

    I watched the Dead Poets Society and the way Robert acts out the tragic figure in this film is the most believable tragic hero I have ever seen. I couldn't watch and see an actor playing a role I could only see the character. In his eyes and face it was as if he was really Niel Perry and not just pretending.

    It doesnt hurt that he is so good looking and has such gorgeous eyes either. But hey! That's just what I think!
  • Robert sean leonard should get more roles or leading roles!

    He is just amazing! i cant believe he didnt get nominated for any award or Oscar nomination.He's portrayls of characters are sooo moving and strong,watch him in Swing Kids,House M.d., and Much ado about nothing.He is soo talented im surprised he only got nominated as Best Young Ensemble with Christian Bale,Frank Whaley,and David Tom.Not to mention his looks are sooo original and very Handsome.He is a very convincing actor, underrated and underused.