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  • he is the best!

    Robert is know to Quint to me.I liked his movie and i like his personality!Even thougth he had died from a heart attack he is still famous to me.I grew up watching Robert Shaw as a kid.I loved how he would be funny at times and mean.I know some people think he might be a terrible actor but he is really good!But in the movie Jaws he was a fisherman who was the best and the way he died in Jaws was really scarry.I think he was bragging about himself and then when the shark ate him he thought he was not the best after all!Rest In Piece Robert Shaw!We Miss You!
  • Has been dead for almost 27 years now. Rest In Peace Robert Shaw.

    It was so sad that an actor this good has been dead for almost 27 years. I do not know why he had to die at his age. He seemed so young to die then. He was in a lot of good movies, but he will be eternally missed by everyone. May Robert Shaw find peace in Heaven.

    We all miss you.