Robert Smith (IV)





4/21/1959 , Blackpool, Lancashire, England

Birth Name

Robert James Smith




Robert James Smith's parents are Alex and Rita Smith. Robert is the third of four children. His siblings are Richard (12 July 1946), Margaret (27 February 1950), and Janet (30 August 1960). Robert lived in Blackpool until he was three and then his family moved to Horley, Surry, England. In Horley Robert went to St. Francis Primary school. In 1966 his family moved to Crawley Sussex, England, where he went to St. Francis Junior School until 1970. From 1970 till 1972 Robert went to an experimental middle school called Notre Dame. From 1972 till 1977 Robert went to St. Wilfrids Comprehensive School. In 1976, Robert, Michael Dempsey, Lol Tolhurst and Porl Thompson formed a band, which was called The Easy Cure. Two years later the band changed the name to The Cure. During the same year Porl Thompson left the band. After Porl Thompson left the band they were signed on to Fiction, Chris Parry's record label.