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    • Robert: (When asked about wearing makeup on stage at his age) My makeup is pretty 80s, isn't it? (laughs) my appearance is preposterous anyway, so it doesn't matter how old I am. I don't think I look that different than I did 10 years a go, with or without makeup. It puzzles me why such a big deal is made about it when everyone puts make up on when they go on stage. If I didn't wear makeup on stage it would be very hard to discern my features. I haven't got very strong features so I do it to accentuate my eyes and my mouth. If I wanted to accentuate my nose I'd paint a big yellow stripe on it, but I don't. It's part of what I do when I go on stage. I wouldn't feel in the right frame of mind if I went on stage in bare feet on no makeup. It's part of the ritual of going on stage and performing for people which is in essence what reviewers have missed – you're actually performing for people. It doesn't come that naturally to me even though I've done it for years. I go thru this process when I go on stage, I don't need to wear that kind of makeup to put fuel in my car. But sometimes when I go out, when I went to see the musical Chicago I wore makeup just in case I was asked to go on stage for the encore (laughs).