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  • Flying Dupes

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 66 - 8/8/91

    In this episode Baloo is to deliver a package to the Thembrian High Marshall, but is unaware of its contents a bomb planted by a traitor. During the course of the episode Colonel Spigot is instructed to fly a plane but doesn't know how so hires Baloo to teach him. In exchange for the flying lessons Spigot delivers the package for Baloo. Will they find out the truth about the package or will Baloo be a wanted bear?moreless
  • Sheepskin Deep

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 52 - 2/4/91

    With his High School reunion coming up, Baloo anticipates the arrival of his invitation. When none comes, he asks Louie where his invitation is. Turns out Baloo never graduated from Grade School. He decides to enroll in classes with Kit. This way he can graduate and still attend the reunion. However, along with school, he still has to make his deliveries for Higher for Hire. When this doesn't work out, the principal threatens to expel Baloo, he's allowed one last chance by taking an equivalence test. With Kit helping him, they attempt to make the impossible possible.moreless
  • Feminine Air

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 28 - 10/30/90

    Cool Hands and other pilots give Baloo some ribbing that he works for a woman. This is also starting to lose business for 'Higher for Hire.' Trying to prove that he's still a great pilot, Baloo enters himself into the Great Air Scavenger Hunt, which has been won by Cool Hands every year. Baloo goes to ask Becky for the day off for the race, but she beats him to it by telling him she needs to spend the day for drumming up publicity. However, she needs the Sea Duck to do it, and things get worse when no one will sponsor Baloo. It comes down to the D.O.A. (Daughters Of Aviation). Not giving up, Baloo dresses like a woman and calls himself Tan Margaret. When Tan is assigned a plane he's surprised to be given the Sea Duck. Turns out it was donated to D.O.A. for this contest to drum up publicity, and the navigator will be Becky.moreless
  • For a Fuel Dollars More

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 16 - 9/28/90

    In another of Rebecca's crazy get rich quick schemes, Baloo and Kit haul kangaroos and milk; she figures they'll have butter by the time they get home. Baloo and Kit stop off at Louie's for some rest and relaxation only to find they've run up a huge tab and Louie won't serve them until it's paid. Feeling run-down and dejected, Baloo and Kit return to Higher for Hire where Rebecca announces her next idea: a mid-air refueling station. It's the last straw for Baloo, but when Rebecca promises to let them keep the tips, Baloo and Kit see it as a way of clearing their debt with Louie.
    Rebecca's idea proves to be an overwhelming success for Higher for Hire, but things don't go so well for Louie who loses all his business to the new venture. Not to be outdone, Louie soon sets up a rival service and before long he and Baloo are running competing businesses. Good friends become arch enemies, but a brush with death makes them both realise the friendship they've sacrificed. Baloo and Louie both agree they would rather go back to their old jobs, but before things can get back to normal, they need to put an end to mid-air refueling forever.
    Baloo and Louie plot to blow up the platform to get the operation closed down, but just as Baloo gets the timers set, Rebecca arrives with the Safety Inspector. Baloo has to work fast to clear them from the blast area without attracting suspicion, but he manages to land himself in hospital in the process. Needless to say, the explosion closes the gas station for good, but it doesn't stop Rebecca coming up with an idea involving kangaroos, ice cream and milkshakes!moreless
  • I Only Have Ice for You

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 6 - 9/14/90

    Baloo has hidden red rubies in strawberry jam so Don Karnage can't find them, blowing the whole scheme over the radio when the Sea Duck is back in the air. With the air pirates in hot pursuit, Baloo requests permission to land from Cape Suzette Air Control, but is refused due to heavy traffic. Baloo is forced to take evasive action and decides to land the Sea Duck anyway, but this little stunt leads to the suspension of his pilot's licence. A desert Prince longing for some snow gets Higher for Hire to transport an iceberg from the frozen North. With Baloo grounded, Rebecca decides she will learn to fly using a provisional licence and her book, "How to Fly in Three Easy Lessons", but things turn out to be a lot harder than she first anticipated and another brush with the air pirates soon sees them captured along with their iceberg. Not wanting to be fooled again, Karnage insists the iceberg must be full of diamonds and instructs the air pirates to chop the frozen block to pieces. Meanwhile, Baloo manages to release the Iron Vulture's bomb-bay doors and they escape in the Sea Duck. Having lost their iceberg, Rebecca decides she had better give Prince Neverbeenbroke his money back, but on their arrival, they are surprised to find the whole kingdom covered in snow. It would seem their cargo managed to deliver itself and the Prince is more than pleased to finally get some fun in the snow.moreless
  • Time Waits for No Bear

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 4 - 9/12/90

    Baloo has to deliver a box back to Cape Suzette before dawn. Since it was only midnight, he decides that he can spend a few hours at Louie's. But panic ensues when the sun starts to rise. He decides to use the excuse that pirates attacked him. Baloo then demonstrates with the Sea Duck how he escaped, but unknowingly loses the box out the back hatch. When he returns to Higher for Hire with nothing, it costs the business $10,000. After promising Becky that he will never again stray from the schedule, he's given a new assignment. Give a tour of Cape Suzette between 11 and noon. While Wildcat is fixing the plane, he runs across the box lodged in the engine. Baloo can still get the $10,000 if it's delivered before noon. Not wanting to go back on his word, he sends Wildcat on the tour while he delivers the box. But when it becomes clear that the box holds a stolen treasure; Baloo has to return the goods, avoid Trader Moe and his goons, and get back to Hire for Higher before noon.moreless
  • It Came from Beneath the Sea Duck

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 3 - 9/11/90

    Despite Baloo's misgivings, he is forced to go shopping with Rebecca so Kit can babysit Molly for the first time. Kit is determined to prove he is responsible, but quickly discovers Molly can be quite a handful and ends up chasing her across town. Meanwhile, the Air Pirates deploy a submarine in an attempt to enter Cape Suzette undetected. Once Mad Dog and Dumptruck have cut through the city's huge underwater defence net however, they inadvertently allow a giant squid to enter the bay. Kit and Molly finally return home but Rebecca is less than pleased that her daughter was put at risk and throws Kit out. When the giant squid tries to kidnap Molly, Kit gets the chance to redeem himself and manages to rescue her with the help of Baloo and the Sea Duck. After the squid is returned to the ocean and the pirates escape with nothing more than a kitchen sink, Rebecca acknowledges Kit's bravery and apologises to him.moreless
  • Pink-In

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 9 - 10/20/71

    The Pink Panther is searching through his attic and finds an old letter from a friend named Loud Mouth Louie. We are then treated to a retrospective of old Pink Panther cartoons as he reminisces while reading the letter. highlights include when the Pink Panther joined the army.moreless
  • The Pink Flea

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 8 - 9/15/71

    A flea tries to make his home on a dog but jumps ship for the Pink Panther when he stops to pet the dog. The flea is making the panther itch so bad that he tries everything he can think of to get rid of him. He tries flea spray, a club, a car wash, swimming in the ocean, freezing him out with a snow cone, eating a hot dog with hot tabasco sauce, shaving off his fur ... will anything work?moreless
  • Pink Pranks

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 6 - 8/28/71

    The Pink Panther is on his way to Rome on an airplane when he is dropped out of the plane for some unknown reason via parachute. When he lands he quickly finds a sign that says Nome - 2 Miles. He starts hopping from one sheet of ice to another but one turns out to be a polar bear that begins to chase him. He finds a seal that helps him escape. The seal wants to stay with the Pink Panther, but he just wants to get back on his way to Rome.moreless
  • Pink Blue Plate

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 4 - 7/18/71

    The Pink Panther sees a "chef wanted" sign and applies for the job. He gets it and that's when the excitement begins.