Robert Townsend

Robert Townsend


2/6/1957, Chicago, Illinois

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Robert Townsend is a multi-talented man. He is a comedian, writer, director,and producer. He has been in the show business for nearly 20 years. He is known for acting in films as Soldier Story, The Five Heart Beats, Meteor Man, and Hollywood Shuffle. Since then Robert has produced…more


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    • Robert Townsend: I know kids are manipulated by TV and movies and music. When I'm doing The Parent 'Hood, I feel that it's really 100 percent necessary to deal with themes that enlighten the kids as well as educate, and then be funny

    • Robert Townsend: (On his show, Parent Hood) I want people to get an idea of what it's like to give your kids a choice to make a decision on their own and not bully them

    • Robert Townsend: (Talks about The Meteor Man) We haven't seen even one movie where the hero is black and he's talking to everybody...I just want one to cheer for. Like I cheer for Terminator, I cheer for Rambo, I cheer for James Bond. I just want one.... He doesn't have to be super, just a hero.

    • Robert Townsend: (Talks about the Five Heartbeats) Each character is totally different from the other. One might be what most people expect from the black male, while the others take you in completely different directions. I want to show people something they haven't seen before.

    • Robert Townsend: I know it's a tall order and I've set the bar really high, but in order to reach the stars you must set your sights on the moon.

    • Robert Townsend: A true producer is resourceful and doesn't think in a box. Producers are really troubleshooters that on any budget will give the Director what he wants and sometimes with no additional money.

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