Robert Urich

Robert Urich


12/19/1946, Toronto,Ohio



Birth Name

Robert Urich



Also Known As

R.U Haliwell, Robby Urich, Bob Urich, Robert York, Bob York, Bob Ulrich
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Robert grew up in Toronto, Ohio, where his athletic ability led to a four year football scholarship at Florida State University. There he earned a B.A. in Communications. He later received an M.A. at Michigan State University and then joined WGN radio in Chicago as a sales account…more


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    • Robert Urich (on dealing with cancer): Charge forward with hope and get the best medical advice you can. Talk to your friends, neighbors, family, and together you attack it. We can't always control what happens to us, but we can always control how we react to it.

    • Robert Urich: Although most civilians think of Hollywood as one big fraternity, most celebrities, as far as I know, spend very little time socializing away from the set. I am as excited as the next guy when I bump into Jack Nicholson on the golf course, or Joe Pesci at a cocktail party. I'm a fan too!

    • Robert Urich: The experience has been a life altering one. I've always felt that my priorities were in proper alignment but this flirting with cancer has only reinforced my desire to live every day to the fullest.

    • Robert Urich (On his doctor questioning him prior to an MRI scan): I go in there and they say, Bob, you have to fill out this whole questionnaire. And I didn't have my glasses, so I said, can you just read these to me? He said, OK, do you have a pacemaker? And I said no. Because of the metal in the pacemaker - do have you any kind of metal implant, medical implant. I said no. Any bridges in your mouth? No. Do you have a penile implant? I said, excuse me. He said, well, it's a - I said, I know what it is. No. Can we go on to the next question? He said, what about tattoo eyeliner? I said, what? He said, well, some people have tattoo eyeliner, they can make your eyes kind of water and get red and irritate the eyes. I said, maybe you should ask the fellow with the penile implant. No. Can we just do this test already?

    • Robert Urich: I just think my longevity has a lot to do with how I was raised, to work hard and respect other folks. I know it sounds hokey, but I think ultimately on television, you can't hide who you are. It is why people are always coming up to me, not to talk about my shows but about their families, their pets. They obviously feel comfortable with me.

    • Robert Urich: I've been lucky enough to conduct a 20-year apprentice program in front of about 40 million people every week. I got to study my craft and my trade while I was working.

    • Robert Urich: I think that all art, including performing arts, is the thing that separates man from the lesser primates in the jungle. It elevates our spirits, it gives our souls wings. It holds a mirror up to us so that we see ourselves. It pursues the ultimate truth and allows us to move to greater heights as spiritual beings.

  • Robert Urich was a contradiction of sorts- a true star, who was also a true Everyman.

    Robert Urich was not the purest practitioner of the craft of acting. Most of the roles he played seemed to be thinly veiled extensions of his own personality, although the ease with which he inhabited those parts was deceptive- the man worked hard at being so easygoing. And it's that studied nonchalance that made him so appealing to so many people. Urich made every character believable and accessible, someone you identified with and liked. I never actually met him, but I feel an inexplicable connection to the person I think he would be if I actually did meet him. I don't think I would have wanted to hang out with Brando, but Robert Urich seems like the kind of guy you would want as a friend. Making people who don't even know you feel that way about you has to be an awesome gift. Rest in peace.moreless