Robert Young





2/22/1907 , Chicago, Illinois



Birth Name

Robert Young




Robert Young is best known for two roles Jim Anderson on “Father Knows Best” and Dr. Marcus Welby. Robert led a different life than the ones that he portrayed on television. He was a soft spoken man that grew up in California. He battle problems with confidence his whole life which manifested in his struggles with chronic depression and alcoholism. He described himself in 1983 as "a black terror behind a cheerful face" In 1991 he survived a much-publicized suicide attempt.

His first stage experiences were with Pasadena Playhouse before he gained his roles in films in the early 1930’s. The majority of his roles portrayed a good looking bland man who always did the right thing and never got the girl. Though he was an attractive man he never got a sex appeal role.

His candor and honest with his personal struggles endeared him more to the audience. When he passed away at the age of 91 in 1998, Young was achieved awards for his community service, talent and professionalism.