Robert Zemeckis

Robert Zemeckis


5/14/1952, Chicago, Illinois (USA)

Birth Name

Robert Lee Zemeckis



Also Known As

Bob Zemeckis
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Robert Zemeckis was born on May 14, 1951, in Chicago, Illinois. He is an Oscar-winning director, writer and producer, who rose to fame in the 80s for his work in the motion picture trilogy, Back To The Future. He entered film school at the University of Southern California…more


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    • Robert: (on using new techniques in filmmaking) I just feel like filmmakers need to use the tools that are available. Why use an old tool when there's a new tool?

    • Robert: (on doing Polar Express) The wonderful thing about working with actors, of course, is that they give you those wonderful moments you never could imagine – and that's what's great about [performance capture]. But you're not going to luck into a beautiful sunset – you're going to paint one in.

    • Robert: The truth is that I was fortunate to have teachers that inspired me along the way, which is what I believe education is.

    • Robert: (on making it as a filmmaker) It was a certain amount of luck and then being talented. I don't know why, but for some reason I have this ability to tell stories. The third thing was being absolutely driven to accomplish this goal.

    • Robert: My parents would sit there and say, 'Don't you see where you come from? You can't be a movie director.' I guess maybe some of it I felt I had to do in spite of them, too.

    • Robert: I won an Academy Award when I was 44 years old, but I paid for it with my 20s. That decade of my life from film school till 30 was nothing but work, nothing but absolute, driving work. I had no money. I had no life.

    • Robert: The truth was that in my family there was no art. I mean, there was no music, there were no books, there was no theater....The only thing I had that was inspirational, was television--and it actually was.

    • Robert: Understand life's mysteries - as mysteries to be lived.

    • Robert: No matter how many obstacles that are thrown in our path, there are ways to accept them and to live through them. Understand life's mysteries, - as mysteries to be lived.

    • Robert: I was raised a Catholic on the South Side of Chicago, and I felt I had to undo a lot of serious damage. But as I was getting older, I began coming off my absolutely young, arrogant, agnostic beliefs. I was thinking more about coming to terms with human spirituality.

  • Robert Zemeckis directs some truely great films

    Robert Zemeckis has directed blockbusters such as the Back To The Future trilogy, and Forrest Gump, and produced The Polar Express, Monster House, and the upcoming horror the reaping.

    Robert's story telling skills really show in Back to the Future, the idea of using a classic car like a DeLorean, as a time machine is pure genius, not to mention he got a great cast to fill the movie.

    Back to Future is my favorite movie along with parts 2 and 3, that he directed, but I also enjoy each movie that he is a part of.moreless
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    Awesome director. He has done several awesome jobs, from the Back to the Future trilogy which is awesome, to my all time favorite movie, Forrest Gump. He really knows how to direct and how to do several things. I really admire Robert Zemeckis. He is cool!