Robia LaMorte

Robia LaMorte


7/7/1970, Queens, N.Y.

Birth Name

Robia Brett LaMorte



Also Known As

Robia La Morte
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Robia LaMorte was born in Queens, New York and grew up in the Florida Keys. At the age of twelve she moved with her family to Los Angeles, California.

Soon after that she saw the movie Flashdance, and her life was forever changed. She immediately began to…more


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    • Robia: I had kind of a gypsy childhood. I traveled all around the country. I grew up everywhere. I lived in Aspen, CO. I lived in Maryland. I lived in a bunch of the [Florida] Keys, and then I lived in Connecticut, right before I moved out here with my dad, when I was fourteen.

    • Robia (On her role as Buffy's Jenny Calendar): Jenny is such a great role. It's wonderful to play a character who is smart, sexy and funny. Really good writing is so rare and Buffy just gets it all right. It's the kind of role I've dreamed of since I started my career.

    • Robia: C'mon. Gimme a break. I'm a girl. I don't follow any sports at all.

    • Robia: I started working professionally at 16 and was blessed to have a great career. I was travelling around the world and working with amazing people when I was far too young to really appreciate it! Working with Prince was the icing on the cake. I realized that I had achieved most of what there was to achieve as a dancer and wanted to leave dance at the top of my game. Acting seemed like the next logical step for someone who had little singing talent.

    • Robia: I was driving home from their [Robia's parents] house, and I decided to talk to God. "Ok God," I said. "You know I believe in You, but I don't get the whole Jesus/born again Christian thing. If Jesus really is the way, then you need to show me. If you make it clear to me in a way that I can relate to and understand, then I'll check it out." As I was praying this, I noticed that my car was suddenly in the middle of a gang of Hells Angels on their bikes. Leather clad bikers were in front of me and a few on each side. I thought how ironic it was to be praying to God and have all those Hells Angels around me. Well, I looked a little closer at the guys in front of me and they all had crosses on the back of their helmets and crosses on the back of their jackets. Above the cross on each leather jacket were the words "We Ride For Jesus." I couldn't help but laugh. The prayer was barely out of my mouth, and moments later, I was surrounded by Jesus bikers.

  • Never figured she was that young.

    I first saw Robia LaMorte on Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 2 that was shot in 1997. Just now, I discovered by the time they shot it, she was about the same age as her students [she played Jenny, a teacher]. So I never figured she was that young. I've seen all the clips on and find she's a great actor. I'm becoming a bigger fan each day, and I hope Hollywood will give her more abilities to show her talent. This was my first attempt of writing a review about a person. Hope I did well.

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  • Beautiful and talented ... and woefully underutilized. She brings fire and passion to everything she does, whether it be acting, dancing or preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

    Robia LaMorte is best known for two performances on her resume. As a professional dancer, she was one of Prince's two lead dancers during his Diamonds & Pearls tour, featured on the album cover and all the videos for the album, and as spokesperson for the tour while Prince chose to remain mute.

    As an actress, Robia's best known performance comes from the first two seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, when she played computer-science teacher and "technopagan" Jenny Calendar. Jenny was supposed to be just a one-time thing, but her chemistry with Anthony Stewart Head (who played Rupert Giles) was undeniable, and the producers kept her around, cultivating an on-again off-again relationship between Giles and Jenny. Jenny's shocking death midway through the second season resonated like no other, proving to audiences that no one is safe on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

    Since those days, Robia's work has been limited to guest shots and commercial advertisements. One attempt at a series -- the WB's Rescue 77, also starring Buffyverse alum Christian Kane -- lasted only a handful of episodes.

    Much of Robia's absence from the media has been self-imposed. During her time on Buffy, Robia became a devout Christian, and because of her faith and convictions, now chooses her roles very, very carefully. As such, she's passed on many roles that could have been breakout opportunities, but she found morally objectionable. Likewise, it's no secret that Hollywood isn't exactly a hotbed for Christian morality, and so I would not be surprised if Robia's outspokenness about her faith has made many producers, directors and casting agents uncomfortable about working with her.

    Perhaps one day God will bring this amazing lady her ultimate role, one that will meet with her personal requirements and that will once and for all expose the world to her talent. Until then, she's content sharing the Gospel with anyone willing to listen. And she frequents fan conventions, where she looks forward to the opportunity to chat with fans about anything under the sun.moreless