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    • Robin claims that she didn't receive a dime from Mike Tyson's estate in their divorce, and that there was not a pre-nuptial agreement.

    • Robin supports the National Domestic Violence Hotline. She speaks on their behalf, and sponsors them financially as well.

    • Robin posed nude for Playboy magazine in the September 1994 edition.

    • Robin has dated Brad Pitt and shock-jock of the airwaves, Howard Stern.

    • Robin performed in New York City in the off-Broadway production of The Vagina Monologues, and won rave reviews.

    • Robin struck an 89 year old woman with her SUV in Miami, Florida in 2004. The unknown woman was transported to the hospital with moderate injuries.

    • Robin tried to fill the shoes of Mother Love, on the television daytime talkshow Forgive or Forget in 2000. Her run as the show's host ran short, due to the audience's loyalty to Mother Love.

    • Robin's first film role was in 1978 as an extra in Berry Gordy's remake of The Wizard of Oz, titled The Wiz alongside Michael Jackson and Diana Ross.

    • Robin gave birth to her first son Michael in 1992, and to her second son William in 1999. William's father is tennis player Murphy Jensen, and the two did not stay a couple.

    • Robin married her tennis instructor, against her mother's wishes in 1997. She and Svetozar Marinkovic separated on the day that they wed, and she filed for a divorce citing 'irreconcilable differences'.

    • Robin appeared alonside Mike Tyson in a television interview with Barbara Walters, where they opened up about their troubles. Mike sat by as Robin recanted the tales of physical and mental abuse suffered at his hand, blaming the fits of rage on Bi-polar disorder. After the interview, Robin was labeled a cold-hearted gold-digger by many, and Mike was somehow given sympathy.

    • Robin was pregnant when she married Mike Tyson, but suffered a miscarriage a few months later.

    • Robin married boxing legend Mike Tyson in 1988. Their marriage ended on Valentine's Day the following year.

    • Robin's career took off after she left Harvard, and took the role of April Baxter on the television movie Beverly Hills Madame in 1986.

    • Robin enrolled in Harvard University's Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, but quit during her junior year after Bill Cosby encouraged her to pursue acting full-time.

    • Robin's first television appearance came in 1984, when she had a guest role on the hit sitcom The Cosby Show. It was this experience that allowed a great friendship to form between her and Bill Cosby.

    • Robin began taking acting classes at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City at the age of ten.

    • Robin played the violin for a few months, but decided that she would much rather put her time into acting.

    • Robin's mother always encouraged her children's creativity and steered them towards an interest in the arts.

    • Robin Simone Givens and her younger sister were raised by their mother, Ruth Givens, after their father Reuben abandoned them. Ruth went back to school to study data processing and built up a successful computer software business that enabled her to send both daughters to private schools.

    • She appears in Toni Braxton's video He Wasn't Man Enough.

    • She was listed as one of twelve "Promising New Actors of 1991" in John Willis' Screen World, Vol. 43.

    • Robin was chosen by Empire magazine as one of the 100 Sexiest Stars in film history.

    • Holly Robinson Peete was Robin's fellow classmate at Sarah Lawrence College. Robin enrolled in the pre-med courses at the age of fifteen with big dreams of becoming a physician.

    • Givens made her Broadway debut as Roxie Hart in Chicago the Musical. She performed at the Ambassador Theatre in NYC from January-April 16, 2006.

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