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  • Robin is hot. She should have her own show.

    Robin's work on the tv show is in addition to her work for the real life main company in new york city. She has a high position working with what we all know is a crazy boss which proves that she's strong and smart also. It can't be easy putting up with that. From what I have seen I know I couldn't do it for long. I like her. I find her not only great to look at but interesting and want to see and hear more of her. With her brains, beauty and character, she deserves her own show.
  • A monkey can do what job she is given!!!

    Her amazing job on the apprentice from donald trump from intercom is to tell the hopeful Apprentice canidates that they can go in the famous boardroom where one will hear you're fired. I don't know about you but that job is easy. I can do it right now "Mr.Trump can see you now" that's usually litteritly ALL SHE SAYS!!! The apprentice canidate's like her becuse before they go into the elevator one or two says bye Robin. I would love to see more from her! I could do her job, no offence. They just needed a little tart I suppose. It's more formal then him screaming or putting a speaker in the trump waiting room and him to say it directly to them. I mean, what is a buissnessman without a secretary I suppose... She's pretty and I'd like her to do SOMETHING else with her carrer than being Trump's speakerbox middle man.