Robin Himmler


Robin Himmler Trivia


  • Trivia

    • Robin's job on The Apprentice is when Donald Trump through intercom tells Robin he is ready to meet with his hopeful apprentices she then tells the players waiting outside to be let in.

    • Donald Trump interviewed Robin for executive assistant for the Trump company and hired her the same day.

    • Robin declines to comment if she gets more pay for being on The Apprentice.

  • Quotes

    • Hedi Bressler: She was really nice but you could have a booger in your nose and she'd say, 'Mr. Trump is ready to see you'.
      Robin: (in which Robin fired back) It wasn't my job to take care of Heidi's personal hygiene.

    • Robin: I've been lucky. I do get recognized. I've even been sent flowers at work by guys. Sometimes they ask me if they can go in the boardroom.

    • Robin Himmler: People talk about how I'm hidden behind the desk on the show. The jig is up now.

    • Robin (on being on The Apprentice) It's definitely been an experience.