Robin Johnson





5/24/1964 , Brooklyn, NY

Birth Name




Robin was raised in the Park Slope area of Brooklyn, New York. She was playing hooky at Brooklyn Technical High School one day when she was approached by a man, who has never been identified, who exhorted her to audition for the part of Nicky in Times Square. On a whim, she did, and won the part over thousands of other girls auditioning across North America.

The Robert Stigwood Organization signed her to a contract with the aim of making her the "female Travolta," but never actually developed any projects for her. This forced her to turn down repeated offers of work in Hollywood, and by the time the contract expired, she was remembered, if at all, as having played the lead in a major flop.

Any credits listed for her after 1988 are incorrect. She last appeared onscreen, reprising her role as Darcy on "Guiding Light," in 1988.