Robin Quivers





8/8/1952 , Baltimore, Maryland

Birth Name

Robin Ophelia Quivers




Robin Quivers is best known for having acted as the co-host and news person for twenty-five years on the most popular radio show in the history of radio, The Howard Stern Show. As a result, Quivers has been hailed the most popular female radio personality in the world.

Quivers grew up in rural Baltimore, Maryland and was sexually abused by her late father, a topic she discusses frequently on the Stern Show. After leaving home, she joined the United States Air Force where she was a nurse and rose to the rank of captain.

After retiring from the armed forces, Quivers decided to use her communications degree, so she became a news radio broadcaster, but it wasn't until her days at NBC radio in the early 1980s that she met Howard Stern. It was then that she realized that she just may have landed her dream career. Over twenty-five years later, she is still living that dream as a co-host of The Howard Stern Show, which now airs on Sirius Satellite Radio.