Robin Roberts

Robin Roberts


9/30/1960, Tuskeegee, Alabama, USA

Birth Name

Robin Rene Roberts


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Before her long time career as a Television journalist, She was born in Tuskeegee, Alabama with her parents, Lawrence and Lucimarian Roberts. Later on she moved to Christian, Mississippi, were she was an active basketball player, among other sports. In 83' she graduated from Southeastern Louisiana University, were…more


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    • Robin: (Interview from Black Enterprise) My coaches taught me that talk is for dreams, but when you write it down, it becomes a goal.

    • Robin Roberts: (on her return from the Gulf Coast) We had a satellite truck that had a satellite phone, it was like a phone booth. People were lining up to call loved ones. It was like gold. They felt how I felt traveling all day Monday not knowing what I'd find.

    • Robin reported from the USS Roosevelt for the home coming of the soldiers.

  • Dss picks up the wrong child

    Hi Robin, I am writing to inform you of an incident that happen with my daughter on Monday November 10,2014 . I went to pick my 2 children up Victoria and my son Elijah up for an appointment, to find my daughter had been taken by a person purposing to be a dss social worker . At that time there was a young lady that was also in the office and stated that she was waiting on the social worker to pick up this little girl the office secretary stated the worker is already gone with the child then the teacher said no shes right here !! I then ran out to the parking lot to look for the car that i had just pulled behind with sc permanent plates to find that she had left the school with the wrong child !! the case worker never asked my daughter her name she just grabbed her and left !! That was worst 18 min of my life !! I thought she was gone she worked for dss , the worker did not even have a picture of the child she was supposed to picking up !! My daughter was terrified and has been having nightmares since this happened. None of the administrators knew a number or any way to contact the lady with my child. Luckily they called the other little girls foster mom and she then stated that the social worker had just pulled the foster mother advise the worker to immediately go back to the school because she had the wrong child !! Victoria told me that she advized the social worker that her mom had pulled up behind her she said the social worker just pulled off she never even asked my daughter her name she said the worker just grabbed her hand and said were going on a trip !! I have been a nervous wreck since this happened and finally got up enough strength and took both of my children back to school today Thursday 13,2014 As i sit her writing you my heart is telling me to go back and bring them home .. Victoria has stated she wants to go to home school because she is scared this will happen again. Please help us find some closure and make all parents aware of the what if could just happen to you and your 7 year old daughter !! Thank you .Our story did air on WYFF channel 4 news yesterday and today. The schools name , East North Street Academy. My contact info is and my number is 864-401-7222moreless
  • Hi Robin


    The link above is a story about my grandson Dante Chiappetta and his family. I am so proud of him and his family and would love for you to share his story on GMA. Please get back to me. My name is Teresa Candido and his mom is my daughter Jeanine. Please watch the video he is an amazing little boy.