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Robin Roberts

Robin Roberts


9/30/1960, Tuskeegee, Alabama, USA

Birth Name

Robin Rene Roberts


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Before her long time career as a Television journalist, She was born in Tuskeegee, Alabama with her parents, Lawrence and Lucimarian Roberts. Later on she moved to Christian, Mississippi, were she was an active basketball player, among other sports. In 83' she graduated from Southeastern Louisiana University, were…more


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    • Robin: (Interview from Black Enterprise) My coaches taught me that talk is for dreams, but when you write it down, it becomes a goal.

    • Robin Roberts: (on her return from the Gulf Coast) We had a satellite truck that had a satellite phone, it was like a phone booth. People were lining up to call loved ones. It was like gold. They felt how I felt traveling all day Monday not knowing what I'd find.

    • Robin reported from the USS Roosevelt for the home coming of the soldiers.

  • Prejudice Against the NE Patriots

    Dear Robin, I am writing you since you are a decent woman working in media and you have always appeared to understand the importance of loving God and neighbor. I believe you have integrity. I would like to know why so many journalists and others are not speaking about the "other side of the story" about withholding judgment against the Patriots instead of spinning one popular wishy-washy accusatory story in news cycles. One of your greatest character qualities is your empathy, so why don't you take courage and address something different in this matter - how people may feel when they are innocent until proven guilty and how they are indeed being bullied. I spent years working with the late Charles W. Colson in prison ministry and I learned in my work with victims and offenders to withhold judgment. Why do you and the media seemingly gloat and stir up strife when the NFL (the sole authority) has withheld judgment? Why do you and others conjecture and assign unfounded blame? Why do you and others throw more logs on the fire of contention. Do you realize you and others are conveying an attitude of prejudice? I wish you would contact me that we might talk about another point of view in this matter. I have been writing and posting that anyone or any evident responsibility must be held to account however those who falsely accuse should also be held to account. I am sure your Mother and Father's faith taught you to have some empathy to Mr. Robert Kraft and his team. At least Mr. Kraft understands Biblical justice - Do you? Please feel free to contact me at (509) 671-7277 and at . Thanks very much Robin, as I know you are a decent woman capable of doing justice and walking humbly with God like all of us with feet in clay, Barry C. Nilsonmoreless
  • Thank you for starting my day, Robin Roberts and GMA!

    Hi Robin. I have started my day with GMA for over 30 years and was so excited when you started anchoring the news show. I don't know if this is a possibility, however my church in Oakland California is sooo interested in having you as our Women's Day speaker in August. Please let me know if you would make this a consideration. We all love you and have followed your journey through GMA. Thank you for all that you do.