Robin Simpson

Robin Simpson


9/24/1992, Leicester, England, United Kingdom

Birth Name

Robin Aaron Simpson



Also Known As

Robs or Bart
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Trivia and Quotes

  • In Summary : Give him a job!

    Robin Simpson, What can I say? I\'ve known him for 4 years and has become one of my best friends. Of the years I\'ve known Robin he has proven himself to be Funny, Smart and Open To alot of things. He is quite capable of speaking techno-babble and has shown interest in a range of Subjects such as, Science, Drama, Stagework, Music and Sport. Robin Is an Accommplised stuntman and is quite capable of showing you. As well as this, Robin is a Trend Setter, Being the first person to succesfully pull off a look that is both Chav and Emo (hereby Refered to as Chemo). Chavs and Emo\'s are very big In England are almost completly impossible to pull together. Robin Is very Stubborn and therefore managed to after many years hard work. It is Rumored that Robin is too open his own fashion Line in England, these Rumors are \'just that\' says he, as he allso states that \'I\'m not gonna sell out like that\' (this is an inside Joke saying that if he did the the shops would be out within days. He won\'t) Robin Is working on his first movie, which has not been disclosed as of yet, but he is apparently going to \'Blow The house away\'.moreless