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    No way The Mentalist was as good as it is without you. We saw Patrick Jane's personality through Lisbon's reactions, and you were awesome at portraying them.

    Personally I love the way Lisbon evolved from "control freak" as Jane called her to trusting partner (and lover)

    I very much admire your personification of Lisbon in TM. I am often under the impression that the idolatry created around by the writers, producers and commercial sponsors of the Mentalist and beyond led to undermining your importance in a show that in reality worked well only due to a tandem. I look forward to continuing to see your acting in the future.
  • Agent 99ish

    I enjoy your work. At first I had total deja vu. You reminded me of agent 99 from the 60's show get smart.
  • One word- talented.

    Extremely talented actress. If you watch The Mentalist, she does the emotional sceene so good! Her performance is great. Everything she do, she do it good.

    And in private life, she seems so down to earth. She's not attention seeker (scandals and that kind of stuff), and she's very good looking.

    (Sorry if my english is bad)
  • I love her.

    I think she's an amazing actress and definitly underrated. Everybody who has watched her in "Open Window" or "Niagara Niagara" would agree with me.
    I've never heard of hear before The Mentalist but she was the one that got me hooked. After that I discovered all the other movies of her.
    Not to mention that she is so down to earth and comes across as such a friendly person in real life. She doesn't care what people say about her and that's what I like.
    I love her unique beauty and that she doesn't look like all this Hollywood beauties.
    I just wish she would get more recognition because she truly deserves it.

    One last word about The Mentalist: She and Simon Baker really have great chemistry and it's enjoyable to watch those two.
  • great actress

    I first realized her in the movie with Arnold. In that time I thought she has a really pretty face with big eyes. Then the prison break came and to say the truth I could recognize her at first. She was in the first season but she was Lincoln Lawyer but she died too early for me. Then now the mentalist, she and Patrick has a very good chemistry in the series. She is funny but also can become serious to balance Patrick. She fits her role greatly because of her great acting skills.
    I hope to see her big screen again.
  • She's a Unique Character

    I think Robin Tunney is a pretty underappreciated actress. I've been watching her in various roles since I was about 9 years old and I have always thought that she has a pretty subtle but powerful presence onscreen. Plus she doesn't have a "popular" look and while I think she's beautiful, she is not classicly pretty. She's a fairly unique actress who doesn't feel the need to sell out or do something stupid (aka get arrested or have a drunken marriage, etc) to increase her fame. Plus I saw her on Celebrity Poker Showdown and she's a pretty awesome poker player. So Rock on Robin Tunney I say.
  • empty

    She is kind of cool. Her character in Prison Break was pretty original and it was something different, shame that she died in the second season. Still, I think that she was an awesome character and I also think that she is one of the best female actresses on Prison Break. She is cool!
  • Didn't help Lincoln

    She ends up becoming the lawyer for Lincoln Burrows but eventually can't help him and dies. She really pissed me off when she wasn't able to help Linc, she ended up dying trying to help him. Her and Nick Savern were close to find evidence to help free Linc but she ends up dying, she finds Terrance Steadman and ends up dying, she gets betrayed by Savern, buts he helps her in the end but she ends up dying. Sad story for her.
  • empty

    Robin's character in Prison Break was alright. She was a little different and has a mannish personality at times if you know what I mean. I was really shocked but kind of happy when she was killed of the show because I think the show would be better without that constent viewing of her trying to solve the case.
  • empty

    Easily the best female actress on "Prison Break," it is clear that Robin goes to great lengths to put a lot of realism into her character. Tunney was also decent in "The Craft."
  • Not impressed

    She's good looking woman,and that's about it. i'm not seen Prison Brake,and that's why i think that she can't act. because,in Mentalist she isn't acting,she is trying,but that's not enough for me. it is like,she is trying too much, too much,to be boss. of mystical investigation bureau. and what's with all that posing? head to left,head to right? and rolling eyes? just pay some attention at her next time it's like she don't know what to do. my suggestion,change her,for someone who can act.
    i like The Mentalist, but most of actors are killing it.
    But Simon Baker is excellent! Peace
  • give her back her persona

    like more bossy Lisbon, not that lately sassy girl behind Kim and PJ, please be in charge again