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  • Could not be worse acting.

    Just terrible.
  • A powerhouse of talent!

    As a person who lived in the Rockies in small coal mining towns where we enjoyed "full, clean living" growing our food and building our outhouses, helping one another survive and progress in our little town of 800, experiencing 40 below weather and no real hospital in sight, I found "Calamity" to a a perfect character played by an unbelievably talented Robin Weigert! She played this with such perfection-getting across who this character was with all of her many faceted sides and dimensions. Not a dirty, loud drunk with no purpose but a large hearted woman of the West who felt and knew more of life than she could live. A part of this puzzle so needed to make this series so perfect. Yet another character/actor in this series for me to absolutely praise and adore!
  • Robin is a very versatile actress as seen in her portrayals in various venues such as Lost, The Unit,etc.

    What a fantastic talent. She first caught my eye in Deadwood , of course. What an exceptional performance as Calamity Jane , although she should not be best remembered for that particular role, she probably will be ; Although I think her best works are still ahead of her. I can not wait to see how the terrific ensemble cast of Life - one of my favorite shows - blends and meshes together. I hope they have a long run, as Damien Lewis is another favorite especially after his bravura performance as Capt. Winters in Band of Brothers. Good Stuff.
  • Balsy and busty and brilliant.

    Now it's true she's been blessed with a doll of a character to play in Calamaty Jane in the amazing Deadwood. And that's why I'm celebrating her, but another actress could have been cast and made this a terribly awkward role. Calamaty Jane is all foul mouthed and big hearted - she's a rare and brave treatment of this notorious, brazen character who'd been softened in our view of history by the Doris Day approach. The thing is this actess makes the role so incredibly compelling and driven. She holds the tension between pushing too far and holding back just enough, and man does she push it. She's just wonderful. The character of Jane brought to life by Robin has refreshed my enthusiasm for big female characters on tv - ones that feel as if they have a life beyond what we see of them on screen. I can't get enough of her.
  • Robin Weigert is absolutely amazing as Calamity Jane. Robin makes you feel things like, empathy, disgust, understanding and a variety of more mixed emotions. No matter what it is, your glued to her performance. Brava!!

    Okay I admit I'm a diehard Deadwood fan. Robin Weigert as Calamity Jane holds me spellbound when she's on. Brilliant, funny, pathetic all these expletives and more apply to Robin's portrayal of Calamity Jane. You can't help but feel something and that's truly great acting. Fascinating hope to see Robin in other works soon.