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  • I so sick and tired of his lack of variation.

    If it's one actor I really dislike, it's Robin Williams.
    He is totally overated.

    I think the problem is that he can't act. I watched many of movies with him, and in every single one he acts the same. He has no variation and no fantasy. He's not funny, just goofy.
    Children loves him (I think) and that's the reason: he's silly and goofy and makes pretty stupid and childish jokes. That's a good thing, if he could act and do other things also. But it seems like he can't. Maybe he could get a job at kindergarden instead? I certain he would like it very much.
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    Robin Williams has proven over his career that he is able to adapt to any type of acting. While his bread and butter is comedy, he is really a fantastic dramatic actor as well. While I do not care much for his stand-up comedy, I really enjoy most of his roles on the big screen.
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    i think he's a good actor but he's kinda screwed up in two movies "The Final Cut" and "One Hour Photo"
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    Robin Williams's best film is deffinintly Jumanji which is actually really similar to Night At The Museum if you think about it. He has also been in numerous animations such as Robots and Happy Feet. I like him for his acting and some humour, alot of his humour is really silly and stupid.
  • one of the funniest men alive

    He is one of the funniest. He is also one of the few who can do both comic and serious movies. No only this but he is also on of those who always has a smile on his face. though his academics were not that great his perciverence and dedication got him this far. He is very inspirational. He worked up from performing in night clubs to doing TV series, to acting in major motion picrures. Though I enjoyed his comic roles more, i loved his potrayel of Andrew in Bicentianl man, and of Alan in Jumanji. i salute you mr Robin Williams
  • What a funny guy.

    I have seen Robin Williams in a lot of movies, and especially lately. I have also heard his voice, as he did voice overs for various characters in animated films. I also liked the episode of Whose Line is it Anyway where he wason it. He was very funny. There is something about Robin that makes me laugh. I don't know if it's his facial expressions, or his gestures, I just can't pin-point it. I'm sure I will see him in more movies, and then maybe I will know what makes him so funny.
  • funniest man in my world

    This man is so funny I could laugh all night. I think he did a great job in Jack, and Patch Adams. He does a really good in acting like other people. He also did a great job in Happy Feet and Night At The Museum. I loved the penguiens that he played. He did great as playing Teddy Roesevelt. I also saw him in Man of the Year. It was funny.
  • Robin Williams is an actor best known for being typically clean-shaven in his comedy roles and bearded in his drama ones.

    Robin Williams was born Robin McLaurim Williams on July 21, 1951 in Chicago, Illinois. He grew up watching Monty Python and Doctor Who. When he was 16, he moved to San Francisco, California. He became known for his role of Mork on Happy Days and on Mork & Mindy. On June 4, 1978, he married actress Valerie Valardi, they have a son Zachary born in 1983, they divorced in 1988. He admits he is a Star Trek geek and used to love to watch it. On April 30, 1989, he married producer Marsha Grace Williams. They have two children: daughter Zelda(born 1989) and a son Cody(born 1991). I think Robin Williams is a very talented actor and I hope to see more great movies from him. Robin has an older brother Todd.
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    I think that Robin Williams is one of those classic actors no one can forget about, because he is so cool. I like his style, he knows how to act really, and all of his roles are always among my favorite, like in Jumanji or in Mrs. Doubtfire, very good actor, one of my favorite.
  • Great actor.

    On of the best out there today.Funny as hell. Also a great drama actor.
  • Robin Williams used to be my favorite actor, but I still like him now!

    Robin Williams. . . . Do not! I repeat "DO NOT" confuse him with Robie Williams! These are two different persons I don't like it if you're confusing them! Now that I said that i can begin my review. . .

    First of all he's just really funny i loved him when I was a child and I still do! he's just a fantastic director and actor. And mann can he make you laugh but sometimes he can also be really serios and he is also very good at that , like in "Garp". I just love him as an actor and director!
  • Terrific actor, voice actor, and comedian. An all time classic person who will be remembered for generations.

    Robin Williams is a one of a kind actor, VA, comedian, and person. Every thing he does is hilarious and done well. He is a brilliant actor, and one of my all time favorite celebrities. He can come up with something absolutely hilarious to say in an instant, without it being too offensive. The first time I heard Robin Williams act was in Aladdin when he was the voice of Genie. I thought he was great then, and I still think he's great now. He's had his share of problems, but which star hasn't? All in all, I still think Robin Williams is one of the greatest stars ever.
  • One of the best actors.

    Robin Williams movies are excellent! He's not my favorite actor, but he is still really talented. I first heard him when I was little and watching the Aladdin movies. He voiced the Genie. I wasn't old enough yet to understand actors, but the Genie was one of my favorite characters. Some more good movies that he starred in are: Mrs. Doubtfire, Jumanji, Flubber, RV, and Night at the Museum. He starred in several other movies, but I haven't seen some of them and most I can't remember. Night at the Museum was probably his best movie. It was so funny!
  • In Memory of a Great Man

    Robin Williams passed away not too long ago so I'd like to pay my respects. He was one of the best actors in the world and one of the most respected. And he was a very talented voice actor.

    He was perfect as the Genie in Aladdin. He made an awesome accent for Popeye. He was amazing as Alan Parish in Jumanji. And who could ever forget his role as Mrs. Doubtfire.

    Now I am not a fan of dramas so I have not seen his more serious work so I can not do them justice. But if I did see them, I will bet I'd love them because he was so talented.

    And like me and so many, he was a gamer and was a huge fan of the Legend of Zelda series which I love myself. He even named his daughter after Princess Zelda.

    Robin Williams, the joy you have given us throughout the years will stay with us always.
  • That's "Talented" with a capital T!

    I've been a Robin Williams fan for many years and I'm glad he was able to move "on and upwards" from TV to the Big Screen. His stage stand up comic routines are simply brilliant. Unlike a lot of comic actors, he actually is a funny man. I don't know of any one better than him with ad-libbing. I saw some one interview him once and I think they only asked him one question and he was off! The journalist ended up in tears from laughing so much. I have seen all of his movies and admire his straight acting performances just as much as his comic ones. I particularly liked his performance in Good Will Hunting. The only other comedian/actor I've given a 10 to is Billy Connolly. Oh how I'd love to be a fly on the wall when those two get together!
  • Love, love, love Robin Williams

    I will say this about mr Robin Williams. He always makes me laugh even when he's making no sense at all. I end up in pain b/c I am laughing so hard. I always expect that when he goes onto a talk show that the host will be able to say about 2 words and he'll control the convo. I have seen so many of his movies, tv shows(mork and mindy), and most of the time he's been on David Letterman, Jay Leno, Ellen, etc. I'd say my favorite movie of his is Hook. That was a semi serious movie, where he did get funny, but not excessively. I also loved him in Mrs Doubtfire. I loved the courage he had to do anything to be near his children. Even dressing as a nanny. Thumbs up to robin.
  • He is so multitalented it is absolutely incredible!

    It saddens me to see how people under appreciate him. If he is not the greatest dramatic actor of all time he is diffidently in the top three! If you're older I highly recommend you watch "One Hour Photo" or "Dead Poet's Society". Not only is he a talented dramatic actor he is one of the funniest comedians of all time when it comes to family comedy, but that for children. However he has done a lot of comedy for adults as well. He has done countless television specials and done a few comedy albums. When it comes to stand up he is widely regarded as one of the all time greats. In the 1970's he innovated a form of random comedy which he makes several jokes on one subject and uses it to jump to another. He is very accomplished yet he still hasn't received the recognition he deserves.
  • Good actor

    he is funny. and he has been acting for a while. even though he is older, he is still a good actor

    he is a good actor. he is really funny. and is original. he is more talented then alot of actors and actresses out there. i hope he does more and does'nt stop acting for a while. appriciate him while he is here.

    I really liked him acting in the movie Flubber.
  • he is funny. and he has been acting for a while. even though he is older. he is still a good actor

    he is a good actor. he is really funny. and is original. he is more talented then alot of actors and actresses out there. like hilary duff and mary-kate and ashley. i think he
    is better then them at least. i hope he does more and does'nt stop acting for a while. appriciate him while he is here.
  • Robin Williams, a man who is still known today by many many people I will never forget his voices

    This man is just amazing he if he was never decoverd then i would not know what the world would be like so I for one am greatful that some one with brains got him into the art of voice acting he will never go out of style ever in the history of man
  • A multi-talented funny man

    Robin Williams is one of the worlds best comedians, hes entegic, funny, and very witty. Hes good in whatever he plays in weither it be TV (Mork and Mindy) Movies, (Mrs.Doubtfire, Hook, What Dreams May Come, Patch Adams) or voiceover (Robots) he is at his best, making people laugh. A truly girfted person.
  • It Is Rare I Give Something A Perfect 10...

    What can be said about Robin Williams? He has an amazing mind and has some of the funniest improv around. When he flawlessly takes to the stage or set he is bound to light it up. His manager being a friend of the family, I feel as if I know him personally as well. Robin Williams is a comedic superstar and a nice man, to boot. He will go down in history, thats for sure.
  • Greatest comedian in the world!

    I first heard him in 2004 when I bought Robin Williams live on Broadway and after seeing that 2 hour laugh riot, he is now my favorite comedian. He is awesome at impressions dialects and physical comedy and was also in the highest rated ever episode of Whose Line is it Anyway. He is the greatest comedian in the world and I heard that his first preformance was "the greatest act ever". I am a big fan of him and I am hoping to buy more of his stand up CD's and DVD's only having the one I mentioned above.
  • The Best there will ever be!!

    He is beyond funny. There needs to be a new word created to say how funny this man is. His mind is quick and he has timing that would make a clock jealous. He also is a great actor on top of that. He is at his best when he is doing standup and I wish he would do more HBO specials. This guy should not only be in the comedy hall of fame he should have his own separte hall of fame. Greatness is too weak a word for his standup routine. His machine gun style just cant be beat.