Robin Wright

Robin Wright


4/8/1966, Dallas, Texas, USA

Birth Name

Robin Virginia Gayle Wright



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Robin Wright
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Robin is an American actress most known for playing Kelly Capwell on NBC's soap opera Santa Barbara, for which she was nominated for three Daytime Emmys. She also appeared in several movies. Robin was married to her co-star Dane Witherspoon from 1986 to 1988. In 1996, she got…more


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    • Robin: It makes me believe in fate. In most cases, the readings where I've been really bad have usually been the ones where I got the part.

    • Robin: It's just poetry, beauty and love. How hard can that be to act?

    • Robin: Is that romantic fantasy real? Um, after kids, no. Take the kids away, I don't know. Depends.

    • Robin: If you get enough sleep, cut back on cigarettes and red meat, you look better the next day.

    • Robin: I've always wanted to be able to let myself go over the edge.

    • Robin: I'd rather attempt something I'm not sure I can do.

    • Robin: I was technically a Valley Girl, even though I absolutely dreaded being called that. I really hated the idea that I was a Valley Girl.

    • Robin: I used to ask Sean questions about acting. He's a brilliant actor, but I could never digest his information. I work primarily on an intuitive level.

    • Robin: I turned down a lot of things that were so-called commercial. You're coming out of one film, and then they want you to be in the same one.

    • Robin: I like movies that make you think.

    • Robin: I have such a little face.

    • Robin: I have always been a good mimic.

    • Robin: I could not understand why Meryl Streep, for example, is allowed to work while pregnant and I'm not.

    • Robin: I am not successful, in terms of Hollywood.

    • Robin: Even the busboys at the restaurants have a script to give you. Everybody is in the business.

    • Robin: After every movie, I always kick myself for the same things-didn't do enough, not enough variation, not enough interesting choices, too bland.

    • Robin: I like the whole package to be good, It's a rarity that that happens, so I end up not working a lot.

    • Robin: I would have made a lousy stripper. I'm just not very comfortable exposing myself.

    • Robin: Sean's movies are provocative and challenging without being slick.

    • Robin: My favorite designers are Levi Strauss and Fruit of the Loom.

    • Robin: I want to be perfect. I don't want to fail. And you always fail.

    • Robin: Hollywood is a suction for your confidence or your faith or your togetherness. Just walking on the street you can feel it.

    • Robin: If you're happy, if you're feeling good, then nothing else matters.

    • Robin: When I had money in the past, I would always travel rather than spend it on big apartments or cars. And I still feel exactly the same way.

    • Robin: We really enjoy entertaining our children with characters. We'll act out all of The Wizard of Oz together.

    • Robin: Unless you're a star in this town, you're really nothing.

    • Robin: Sometimes I think they should set up an asylum for people like that... a whole slew of paparazzi defending their positions.

    • Robin: Sean's a better person when he's directing. He becomes a queen when he's an actor. And he's so unhappy when he's acting.

    • Robin: No nude scenes. No sex-symbol parts. I want people to recognize me for my work, not just for being pretty.

    • Robin: My mother gave me a sense of independence, a sense of total confidence that we could do whatever it was we set out to do. That's how we were raised.

    • Robin: Most of my memories of Texas are of mosquitoes, watermelons, crickets, and my brother teasing me.

    • Robin: It's what still excites me most about acting: letting your imagination go places it's never been before. There's nothing better than that.

    • Robin: (on show business) When you think about it, our craft is pretty silly. We dress up like other people, we act like other people.

    • Robin: (on playing Starr in "White Oleander") It's scary just because it's the fear of failing, and you HAVE to fail when you act and you HAVE to go over the bar, to come back to what's real.

    • Robin: Famous is celebrityism and I don't want that. I know that I'm not that. Everybody knows who you are, I can't imagine living that life, but I don't think I consider myself famous.

    • Robin: It was never instilled in me of how to play. You know these are the rules and regulations, of how to submerge yourself into a character that's different from yourself. I don't have the tools, so it's more observing and I have always been a good mimic.

    • Robin: I was always drawn to the more provocative stuff. I mean, the rumors were definitely flying. 'She doesn't want to work.' That was the consensus. And it's like, no. I just like to do good work. I like to do work that means something, that I can sink my teeth into. Otherwise, it's not worth being away from my kids.

    • Robin: (on the sudden death of her brother-in-law Chris Penn) It's bizarre, death. Nobody really prepares you for it. Nobody can. And there's waves that come and go. But it's a process of life, definitely, and you can't fight it.

    • Robin: (on their kids having two famous parents) It's a concern in that you don't allow them to delve into that lifestyle and we killed that by moving out of Los Angeles where you're so surrounded by the industry... but they can't become an actor until they're out of the house - that's the rule! It's not allowed.

    • Robin: (on Sean Penn directing her) Experience pays its dues but I think it's so much more enriching having an actor who's a director and that's coming from my experience of working with him. It makes a big difference having the actor who's the director, because they know the system and they know what not to ask.

    • Robin: I loved my role in She's So Lovely, my character was so damaged. I had to wrap my soul around her in order to feel that. I think the audience got her. Understood her? Now, that is a horse of a different color.

    • Robin: I spend a lot of time researching where I want to go next with my characters, so if a role comes to me, and it doesn't quite fit in what I want to be at that time, I will pass.

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    Robin Wright (wife of actor Sean Penn) is really a talented actress. In every role she really makes you believe that she actually is the character she's portraying. This sense of realism is what makes her really stand out above the masses of the rest of actresses today. My favorite movie of her's is "Forrest Gump."
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    I think that she was kind of cool in some movies like in "Forrest Gump", but apart from that I don't think that I've seen her in many roles, except maybe in The Pledge, but I think that she is cool and she was a very good and great actress. I just hope that she tries to make more movies, for now.