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Robina Suwol

Robina Suwol


11/3/1960, Portland, Oregon

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Robina Suwol


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California Safe Schools, Executive Director Children's Environmental Health Organization www.calisafe.org


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  • Robina Suwol , Executive Director of California Safe Schools (CSS)selected by Volvo as one of 250 semi-finalists for the fifth anniversary Volvo For Life Awards

    Volvo Names Children\'s Health Advocate Hometown Hero!

    For Immediate Release

    December 4, 2006

    By: Brandon Stirling Baker

    VAN NUYS, CA -- Children\'s environmental health advocate

    and humanitarian, Robina Suwol , Executive Director of California Safe Schools (CSS), was selected by Volvo as one of 250 semi-finalists for the fifth anniversary Volvo For Life Awards, a program that honors hometown heroes.

    Beginning August 14th through February 2007, the world is invited to join the panel of prestigious judges by voting for their favorite hero. Nine finalists will be named in February 2007, three in each category. A panel of

    distinguished judges:

    Hank Aaron, Senator Bill Bradley, Caroline Kennedy, Maya Lin, Paul Newman, Sally Ride, Eunice Kennedy Shriver and the four previous Volvo for life Awards top winners will name one winner for each of the three categories.

    Each category winner will each receive $50,000 to be donated to the charities of their choice. The remaining six finalists will each receive a $25,000 charitable donation.

    California Safe Schools is a nonprofit environmental coalition of over fifty organizations located in Southern California committed to the health and safety of children, teachers, staff and community members who reside near

    school sites. CSS is nationally and internationally recognized for creating the most stringent pesticide policy for schools. This Integrated Pest Management Policy (IPM) was the first in the USA to embrace the \"precautionary principle,\" and Parents Right to Know. In addition, CSS sponsored AB 405 signed by Governor Schwarzenegger which protects 6 million school children, teachers and school employees from experimental pesticides whose health effects are unknown.

    To vote for Suwol visit :


    For further information:

    California Safe Schools

    ph: 818-785-5515

    website: www.calisafe.orgmoreless