Robson Green

Robson Green


12/18/1964, Hexham, Northumberland, UK

Birth Name

Robson Golightly Green


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  • Robson Green in Wire in the Blood in 2003
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Robson was born at Dilston Hospital in Hexham, Northumberland at approx. 10pm, and grew up in Dudley - a small mining village in North Tyneside, just outside of Newcastle upon Tyne. His first school was Dudley Primary when he was 5, laying down his early acting career even…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Robson Green donated his first royalty cheque for the sales of his number one hit White Cliffs of Dover to Greenpeace.

    • The shabby suit worn by Robson Green in The Gambling Man was originally worn by Tom Cruise in the film Far And Away.

    • Robson Green has a Category 4 Fireworks certificate, which enables him to build rockets in his backyard.

    • Robson Green was awarded the Channel 3 NE Awards Personality of the Year in 1996.

    • Robson Green played Jesus in a production of The Life of Christ but during the crucifixion scene the cross, with him attached, came loose and fell into the audience.

    • Robson Green wrote the foreward for Paul Joannou's The Black 'n' White Alphabet: Complete Who's Who of Newcastle United F.C.

    • Robson Green now owns one of the basses his character played in Ain't Misbehavin'.

    • Robson Green received an Honorary Degree from the University of Northumbria in 1988.

    • The singing duo of Robson Green and Jerome Flynn hold the record for highest sales ever achieved by an act in its début year, for their singles Unchained Melody/White Cliffs of Dover and I Believe/Up on the Roof.

    • Robson Green won the Variety Club of Great Britain's Male Personality of the Year in 1998.

    • Robson Green is a fan of Newcastle United Football team.

    • Robson Green won the National Television Award for Most Popular Actor in 1995 for Soldier, Soldier.

    • Robson's childhood dream was to join the Royal Air Force.

    • His first TV appearance was in a TV commercial for the Tyne & Wear Metro system as 'Pete the Metro Man'. His first drama role came as John in Hands for BBC North East.

    • When Robson was 17 he took up a position as an Apprentice Draughtsman at Swan Hunters shipyard on the River Tyne. Although it wasn't exactly what he'd had in mind, he stayed with the shipyard until he was 21.

    • Robson's first job was a milk round at the age of 14.

    • Robson and his girlfriend, former model Vanya Seager, became parents to a son called Taylor Robson Green, born on 29 April 2000.

    • Robson is 5 foot 9 inches.

    • Robson was in The Workie Tickets as a guitarist and singer.

    • Robson was once a professional boxer.

    • Robson appeared in Northern Lights in early 2006 alongside Mark Benton.

    • Robson appeared in Rocket Man as the lead, George Stevenson. This showed in the UK late last year (October-December 2005).

    • Robson is from the area in England where the residents are called "Geordies."

    • Robson Green co-owned a race horse named Magic Hour, with his uncle Matheson Green. The horse earned it's name as Robson supposedly saw it between 4 and 5pm, a time called 'Magic Hour' by photography directors. It didn't prove that magical after all, and, after losing all his races, Robson sold his share back to his uncle who is now sole proprietor.

    • Robson, at the age of 20, began training at the Live Theatre in Newcastle upon Tyne, where he was taken on by Artistic Director, Max Roberts.

    • Robson began his career as a Draughtsman at the Shipbuilders, Swan Hunter, where he worked for three years.

    • Robson's first school was Dudley Primary when he was 5.

    • Robson's made his first starring role appearance when he was 8, playing the lead in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat.

    • Robson grew up on Blyth Close in Dudley - a small mining village in North Tyneside, just outside of Newcastle upon Tyne.

    • Robson gets his name from a family and North Eastern England tradition where the oldest son is given a surname for his first name. "Robson" was his grandmother's maiden name and "Golightly" is his great uncle's surname.

    • Robson released his autobiography, Robson Green - Just the Beginning in 1998, in response to an unauthorised biography scheduled for release in 1999, the unauthorised edition was never published.

    • Robson and his business partner, Sandra Jobling, formed Coastal Productions.

    • Robson formed Clapp Trapp Productions with former recording partner Jerome Flynn.

    • Robson was first introduced to American audiences in Masterpiece Theatre's showing of the miniseries Reckless (1997).

    • Robson is actor Daymon Britton's uncle.

    • Robson's favourite foods are Italian & Thai.

    • Robson enjoys long-distance running.

    • Robson performance on the miniseries Soldier, Soldier turned him into a household name.

    • In 1997, Robson won the TV Quick Award for Best Actor for: Touching Evil (1997) He also won for Reckless (1997).

    • In 1998, Robson won the TV Quick Award for Best Actor for: Touching Evil (1997).

    • In 1998, Robson was nominated for the RTS Television Award for Best Actor - Male for: Touching Evil (1997), and also for Reckless (1997).

    • Robson Green was nominated for the National Television Award for Most Popular Actor in 2001 for Close & True, in 2000 & 1999 for Grafters and 1997 for Reckless.

    • In 1996, Robson won the Music Week Awards for Top Single & Album for his cover version of "Unchained Melody" and "White Cliffs of Dover" with Jerome Flynn.

    • Robson has been married twice. His first wife was Alison Ogilvie. They married in June 1991, and divorced in 1999. Currently he is married to Vanya Seager. They married in March 2001 and have one child together.

  • Quotes

    • Robson Green: I honestly never think of myself as a lead. I think of myself as an actor in a very good story, and the same applies to Trust. The script was excellent; as soon as I got it I just thought that the visual grammar was wonderful. I thought the words were divine and knew it was something I wanted to do; something I wanted to be a part of, irrespective of what order my name came in the cast list.

    • Robson Green: Fatherhood is much, much harder than acting. But it's the most enjoyable experience ever. You can get a high in acting but there's no high like spending time with someone you love, and someone who loves you back unconditionally. It's tremendous.

    • Robson Green: I knew at a very, very early age that it was an industry not designed for human beings. My dad spent 42 years of his life down a black hole and I knew straight away that's where I really didn't want to go. But also, my father, and most miners, there's this myth, there's this lie that the working class always, always told themselves, and we always believe in, that miners sing down the mine and it's all great fun, but it's not. It's a horrible barbaric industry.

    • Robson Green: (About Prayer of the Bone) When we started Coastal Productions more than 10 years ago we had an ambition to make films in America. It's so exciting to have pulled it off, especially as we're a small indie from the north east of England.

    • Robson Green: I never thought about it but I am content, if it doesn't get any better than this I'm not bothered, it can't get any better than this, and if it does it's just a bonus, you know, it really is. There's a lot of lovely folk in the world and you have to try and meet as many of them as you can, and that's what I'm trying to do now, absolutely.

    • Robson: (after signing a very lucrative golden handcuffs TV deal) I am really looking forward to the next two years.

  • Talentless geordie midget

    Why do people continually hire this freak of nature in the shows? Wire in The Blood is terrible now Hermione Norris left, but thie midget's acting capabilities stem around him trying to look handsome, and doing the whole "wahey man" talk. what an annoying grease monkey he is. He tried to sing, and failed dismally yet housewives bought his album so we had to put up with him in the charts, and he looks like he would smell if you ever got close to him. Can't stand him, wish he would fall off a cliff or something. And this was done without swearing, I must be controlling myself.moreless
  • Fascinating actor - well worth watching

    Robson Green is a fascinating actor, who is impossible to look away from when he's on screen. He creates intense, quirky characters with intriguing personalities. His Dr. Tony Hill, in Wire in the Blood, is a clinical psychologist with difficulty relating to other people. He's nonetheless able to put himself inside the minds and discern the motives of serial killers. You totally believe Tony Hill is a real person, and follow his thinking as he figures out the clues to the killer - in a totally different way than the police working the case.

    I'd definitely watch anything he was in.moreless