Robson Green





12/18/1964 , Hexham, Northumberland, UK

Birth Name

Robson Golightly Green




Robson was born at Dilston Hospital in Hexham, Northumberland at approx. 10pm, and grew up in Dudley - a small mining village in North Tyneside, just outside of Newcastle upon Tyne. His first school was Dudley Primary when he was 5, laying down his early acting career even at this early stage with his first starring role when he was 9, playing the lead in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat.

He then moved on at 11 to Seaton Burn High School and new interests entered his life. He bought a second-hand guitar and practised until his fingers were sore. He joined the Air Training Corps and enjoyed fishing and rafting.

At 15, Robson's desire to entertain, especially on the stage, led him to the Backworth Drama Centre where the resident director was Max Roberts. Once a week in the evening, he would catch a bus to Backworth and meet his friend Joe Caffrey, another would-be actor from Newcastle.

Robson remembers reading scripts by such talented writers as Alan Plater, Cecil Taylor, Tom Hadaway and Michael Chaplin and began to think in terms of acting as a career possibility should he not be able to pursue his then burning desire to be a pilot in the RAF. Robson was determined not to work down the mines as his dad and granddad had done, and being a keen member of the Air Training Corps at Seaton Burn, it was either the world of show business or the Royal Air Force.

Seaton Burn High School Drama Society soon entrusted him with the starring role in The Pirates of Penzance. He also formed a small band with his pals called Solid State (He would eventually then form another band, with success in the local area and on TV called The Worky Tickets).

At 17, after leaving school and deciding the RAF wasn't a reality, he signed up to be an Apprentice Draughtsman at Swan Hunters the shipbuilders in Wallsend, North Tyneside. After qualifying at Swan Hunters, Robson left and joined Max Roberts at Newcastle's Live Theatre.

After tours with numerous productions, including Hands, The Long Line and Your Home in the West, with performances at the Tyne Theatre and with the Northern Stage Company, Robson made a break into television with the BBC production A Night on the Tyne and then his Geordie hospital porter character of Jimmy in the BBC's Casualty.

After Casualty launched him into the limelight, soon to follow was Soldier Soldier where he met Jerome Flynn, who would turn out to be a great mate and the other half of Robson & Jerome - launching yet another career for Robson - as a singer!